Do you think that slimming is a boring cardio on a treadmill, bike or elliptical trainer?None of these things!With the loss of unnecessary body fat, we will improve health, fitness and shape your dream shapes.We will need strength training for this, but do not worry – it’s nothing scary.We’ll tell you why it’s worth losing weight at the gym. Here are 10 reasons.

  1. You will gain muscle mass

No matter if you are a man or a woman, you need muscle. They allow us to get the dream figure.In men, it will be the V silhouette, while in women – the wasp waist.Strength exercises will develop those muscles that are responsible for it.It is worth knowing that the figure V consists of such factors as a narrow waist and a strongly developed back, shoulders and chest.Interestingly, the development of these muscles is also important in women to even more strongly outline the waist.Shapely pupa is nothing but well-developed (through strength exercises) gluteal muscles.Dear Lord, you do not have to worry that you will look like men, you are not in danger.You have other hormones and achieve a monstrous silhouette without the use of anabolic agents is impossible in your case.

  1. Firm your muscles

Unused muscles lose their natural shape.They may flare due to stretching or, similarly, shrink.For example, contractures of the hip flexors are the domain of people leading a sedentary lifestyle.Lack of physical activity means that we will not look good, even if we can lose weight.We will look like shapeless dumplings with eternal relief from the attendant.How to remedy this?Exercise and get the perfect sculpture!Stretched and nicely carved muscles are the basis of a good figure.

  1. You will improve your posture

Contoured or stretched muscles not only look bad, but also cause us to take the wrong posture.An example of this is excessive pelvis pushing forward due to weakened buttocks.Another popular defect of posture is hyperlordosis, i.e. excessive pelvic skew deflection.It is the result of weakening of the abdominal muscles and contracture of the hip flexors.Rounded back?Short circuit in the area of ​​the chest and too weak muscles connecting the shoulder blades.How to remedy this?Bet on stretching and strength training to strengthen sensitive muscles. Slimming is the best excuse to take care of your health.

  1. You will improve your fitness

Catch you shortness of breath when you enter the fourth floor? Regardless of whether you are 20 or 60 years old, you can improve your fitness.Strength training can take the form of efficiency, so use it to improve physical performance.When you better oxygenate the body, you will feel better.Both physically and mentally.

  1. You will take care of the heart

Do you know that we can learn a lot about our health condition by examining the heart rate?The higher the resting heart rate, the worse we are in the condition.Resting heart rate above 80 beats per minute means that we should take it as soon as possible.The better we are trained, the more your resting heart rate will drop.Keep your finger on the pulse!

  1. You will survive

Slimming can be annoying.Do you have to give up deliciousness, cut calories and look for alternatives to your favorite sweets?These are very frustrating moments.By lifting the dumbbells, kettle and barbells, you will get out and throw away bad emotions.Yes, those related to the annoying boss who turned out to be an asshole, too.

  1. You will increase your strength

How many times did you get sore when you had to move heavy objects or inflate the wheels?Forget about it.Increase muscle strength and you will see that life will be easier.Even carrying shopping bags with purchases will be easier than usual.And what about hanging curtains without hand pain? Physical exercise is not art for art.Increased strength is reflected in ordinary everyday life.

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  1. You will firm your skin

Improper weight loss will make our skin look old and slack.Strength exercises during weight loss will improve the firmness of the skin and the carved muscles will be a perfect filling for her.You do not want to look like a hanger, do you?

  1. Preserve youth

Why do we feel old? First of all because we are getting sick more often, we are tired faster and we lose our vigor.By strengthening the body at the gym, you will keep your youth for longer.Slimming will be much more pleasant if it is accompanied by improved fitness and strength.Old age without pain is something that you have to take care of today.The earlier, the better.

  1. Burn fat … sleep

Do we burn fat only during exercise? No! During the most debilitating exercises, when the work of our muscles takes on an anaerobic nature, so-calledoxygen debt.It consists in the fact that oxygen reserves have to be rebuilt for many hours after training.This increased metabolism means that we burn fat not only by exercising, but also long after the training session.

Slimming is a complex process that is not just about losing pounds. Losing muscle mass and glycogen will make us lose weight, but we do not want it at all.We want to reduce body fat while maintaining a beautiful muscle shape. Strength training is the best way to achieve this goal.


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