Your efforts to date do not bring results? Did you stop in the middle and the weight does not go down anymore? Read 10 tips to help you get rid of excess fat or take off properly right away.

1. Combine your diet with cardio training

Make your muscles work. If you do not train, fat will go down, but with your muscles. The diet will help you gain a figure, and thanks to training you will shape and firm it. If you have been doing strength training so far, do not give it up completely, but enable additional cardio sessions. Such training with a properly balanced diet will bring the best results.

2. Do not cut off too many calories

If you finally decided to go on a diet, do not give up half the daily caloric balance right away. Do it slowly. Start with 200-400 kcal (depending on the initial weight) in the first two weeks. It’s not much, but it’s enough for the body to burn fat. First of all it will be easier for you to switch to the “saving mode” and you will not go very hungry. Secondly, if after a few weeks you notice that the weight does not drop, lower the balance by another 200 kcal, then you will again stimulate the metabolism to work. Set your goal to lose about 1-2 kg a week. Cutting too many calories at once will make you tired and the last thing you want to do is workout.

3. Do not torture yourself with training

The driving force of reduction is always diet! Practice no more, like 3-4 times a week for about 30 minutes. This is the best way to improve overall health and endurance of the cardiovascular system. You can add one more cardio session when the weight is in place and you do not want to lower your calories again. However, if you lose weight regularly, it means that both diet and exercise work. There is no need to extend training time.

4. Do not change the strength program

Being on the reduction, stick to the strength program that you have been doing so far. Work with the same weights and do the same number of repetitions, but reduce the number of series. Being on reduction, shortening your training by 20-30% will be beneficial for your form. For example, if you do 4 sets of 10 repetitions, reduce the exercise to 3 sets. If you train your legs on a given day and do a total of 20 series, reduce to 14-16 series. Remember not to increase or decrease the weight. If you want to stay in shape while on reduction, simply give yourself 100% with each repetition.

5. Add variety to cardio training

Cardio does not have to be boring. You do not have to torture the treadmill or cross trainer. You can go to the pool, rollers, bike, etc. You have plenty of possibilities. Try new things and choose the form of traffic that suits you. Exercises should not be a torment and a chore for you. No matter what you choose, it’s important to burn calories.

6. Eat healthy

Avoid processed foods, especially this type of “fit”. Products of this type are stuffed with chemistry to make them tastier. To improve the taste, sugar is added to low-fat foods and fat to foods with a low sugar content. It’s a vicious circle. Be sure to read the labels! Choose only healthy, wholesome products that will provide you with the necessary micronutrients.

7. Eat tasty

Do not eat bland meals that make it difficult to keep your diet. Also, do not use ready-made menus, because there is always a meal or ingredient that does not hit your taste buds. Prepared diets can be an inspiration for you. Keep an eye on your caloric balance and it’s best to build your own diet. Diversify the dishes with spices, make colorful, vegetable salads with delicate sauces. The meal does not have to be boring. Nowadays, you can eat healthy and tasty. It all depends on your creativity in the kitchen. If you get rid of the same dry food everyday, you will finally give up. If you are a foodie and do not have a strong will, be sure to diversify the diet.

8. Forget about fashionable diets

In the media and the internet, from time to time there are novelties in this category, Forget about fashionable diets, such as Dukan, Cambridge, South Beach. Each of us is different. There is no perfect diet for everyone. When preparing for the diet, analyze your diet plan that you have used so far. Write down what you like and at what time you have the biggest appetite. If you like to eat in the evenings, plan your meals so that you can provide as many calories as possible during these hours. If you like to snack, plan snacks with your head, you do not have to give up. Diet should not be stress for you. Do not go on a day-to-day diet. Take a week and analyze your menu. Then put the diet under yourself. It will be easier for you to persevere.

9. Do not hesitate every week.

The weight does not always determine your progress. When you reduce the amount of calories, the amount of carbohydrates consumed is also reduced. When you start eating healthily, there is a high probability that sodium intake also falls. By reducing the amount of these two components, the body quickly gets rid of water. Therefore, in the first week of the diet, the weight drops so fast. However, it is not fat yet. In the following weeks of diet, the water level will stabilize and the weight will not fall as fast. Remember this because it’s easy to get discouraged at this point.

10. Remember about “cheat meal”

Once a week, do the so-called “Cheat meal”. It’s a short cheat on the body that will give you much pleasure, but it will not jeopardize your diet. There are two ways to “cheat” the body

1) You eat as much as you like for one hour, but only healthy and valuable food. This will allow you to eat your fill, if this is what you lack the most during the reduction. Remember – do not eat “junk” meals.

2) Eat one decent meal on which you want. Let it be a dish that you really like and which you can not afford during your diet.

For variety, you can use “cheat meal” interchangeably. If you’ve had a stressful day at work and you just want to eat, choose option 1. If you are going to a restaurant with your friends you do not have to order a salad anymore, order what you want. Let it be your “cheat meal” from option 2.

Do not plan such a day in advance, for example on weekends or on special day of the week. You can always have a meeting. If you care about your dream figure, you can not afford a double cheat meal.


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