You signed up for fitness and the fridge you have packed with healthy products, but the weight does not want to go down, and you lose hope? There are many healthy tips for nutrition, but these are never enough. We present 11 tips that you can use in your diet.

Healthy food.

Of course, but without exaggeration. Nuts, avocados, olive oil and dark chocolate are natural and healthy, but they are not devoid of calories. For example, avocado offers plenty of health benefits, but the whole fruit is over 200 calories. Check the calories of individual products and divide them into portions for a few days.

Do not skip breakfast.

This may seem like a great way to save some calories, but keep in mind that people who eat regular meals lose weight regularly. Eat a nutritious breakfast each morning to start your metabolism. When it comes to a balanced diet, remember that specific small portions are one of the keys to success. Measure the amount of rice or salad with a cup, or put the same amount of spoons every time.

Standing food – stop!

Standing with an open refrigerator is not saving time and energy, but can lead to mindless eating. It’s best to set a specific time for snacks during the day. But do not let them be sticks, but, for example, grapes.

Do not spend your time sleeping.

Research has shown that people who sleep and give the body a rest, receive an additional surge of energy that can be spent on fitness or gym exercises. For foods that have a package on the packaging that contains fewer calories, it can be confusing because it is filled with additional sugars and chemical additives that replace the removed ingredients.

You forget to eat vegetables – it’s not good.

Every day you should eat five portions of vegetables and fruit. A diet full of plant foods offers a variety of nutrients with fewer calories and at the same time increases the likelihood of losing weight.

Doing only one type of exercise is not effective.

Focusing only on cardio exercises, for example, we forget about efficiency and strength. You have to remember that fitness is the whole puzzle that strengthens the joints, builds muscle mass and increases the metabolic rate.

Do not work and do not exercise on an empty stomach.

Research shows that calories burned come from muscle instead of fat. After all, it’s not about losing muscle mass. Food also adds energy that is helpful with every workout!

Cutting whole groups of food from your diet is not a good way to lose calories.

This may lead to a shortage of certain nutrients. By eliminating bread, we automatically do the same with carbohydrates, which, however, are needed by our body.

We eat to little, this is a basic problem.

Diets are not to starve. Five meals a day will ensure that we will not eat unhealthy, fattening snacks.

Eating outside – calorie bombs.

A trip to your favorite restaurant is a great way to relax, but it’s more likely that we will eat more than we would like. Portions are quite large, additionally appetizers, sweet drinks, desserts are served. If we count calories then let’s ask the service if you can reduce the portions. If not, and you are with a friend, ask for two plates. Then you will share one portion. You save money and calories.

After a hard workout, you often feel the need to eat something.

It is a mistake to throw yourself at the first thing you see. Then our efforts will go to nothing. Sip mineral water to create a feeling of fullness and wait calmly for the next planned meal at a specific time.

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