Are you on a reduction diet, and yet, do not you see any effects? Probably the mistake lies in composing meals. Below we present 24 products and dishes that you have to beware of if you do not want them to undermine your efforts.

Remember that the reduction diet is not just a limitation of calories, but a diet scheme based on getting to know your metabolism and energy needs. The key to its correct application is the balancing of meals based on calculations individually tailored to us and the exclusion of some products completely from the menu. What?


  1. Fruit yogurt

Contrary to appearances, fruit yogurt is not a healthy snack, which it wants to pass. Often it has more sugar than the average ice on a stick (about 30g in a cup)! Taking care of the right number of calories, it’s better to stay with natural yoghurt or Greek type.


  1. Sweet sauces for desserts and jams

Often, to omelettes or pancakes we add unnecessarily an additional portion of sugar in the form of ready sauces chocolate, caramel, etc. We also like to reach for jams, in which up to 100 grams of the product is about 50 grams of sugar! If we really have to, let’s choose fresh fruit or honey.


  1. Breakfast cereals

Most breakfast cereals are additionally sweetened with up to 4 different types of sugars! That’s why after this type of meal you go hungry and tired all day long and you feel like eating sweets. Instead of a product in a well-known colored company’s packaging, choose plain oatmeal and add your favorite dried fruits to them. Your body will be grateful.


  1. Coffee cream

There is no nutritional value in addition to worthless fat and sugar, which is sometimes sweetened. Black coffee is much healthier.


  1. White bread

Can not you imagine a breakfast without a bagel or a white wheat bun? Error. Give up white bread for cereal products rich in fiber and a much higher amount of minerals.


  1. Smoothies

Do not be confused with properly prepared milk or yogurt smoothies! Smoothies, especially those prepared in fast food, are based on fruit yoghurt, cream ice cream, etc. When preparing a healthy smoothie, use Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit.


  1. Dried fruits

They seem an innocent, healthy snack. Meanwhile, after removing the water from the fruit we get the same sugar and calories. Of course, for example, in dried apricots we still find a lot of magnesium and iron, but it is not advisable to eat them with handfuls. They rapidly raise the level of sugar and do nothing good for a reduction diet.


  1. Green cocktails

Green cocktails are considered the healthiest – and rightly so, if they do not contain too much sugar. Meanwhile, to balance the taste of kale, spinach or lemon, we like to add a lot of apples or oranges or even pure sugar. Remember to not overdo it with them. Just because something is green does not mean it is low-calorie!


  1. Wheat pasta

Instead of pasta made from wheat flour, reach for those made of multigrain flour. They have more complex carbohydrates than simple ones and will leave you feeling full longer. They also have a lower glycemic index.


  1. Carbonated drinks

Most carbonated beverages are sugar dissolved in water. They do not add anything to your diet except calories, they also make you even more thirsty.


  1. Dietary carbonated drinks

It is not known whether or not worse than its original counterparts. Instead of classic sugar, they contain artificial sweeteners whose impact on the body has not been thoroughly tested. For sure, however, they are not low-calorie – just look at the label.


  1. Icing

Each yeast and cake taste better covered with icing. But remember that it is the same sugar with the addition of butter or other fat. It’s better to throw it out of your diet immediately.


  1. Ready microwave popcorn

Popcorn prepared for insertion into the microwave and heating it is the same fat, in addition the worst kind. If you like popcorn, buy corn kernels and prepare them on rice oil with salt. Give up shortcuts.


  1. Coleslaw salad

One of the favorite salads in the world. However, it does not have much in common with a healthy salad, due to the very high content of mayonnaise it is seasoned with.


  1. Energy bars

Hiding under the cover of healthy snacks, they often smuggle as much as no more calories than their “normal” counterparts. Instead of reaching for such a bar, choose a wholesome meal.

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