Regular physical activity is an element of a lifestyle that is not negotiable. It’s like brushing your teeth or regular meals – just a necessity to enjoy your health for longer. Unfortunately, the effects of immobility are clearly visible only after years. By chance, you discover high blood pressure, and research shows high cholesterol at 30 years of age! They hear you say Well, yes, but … I do not have time, I do not like to move, I do not see the effects. Do you want to permanently strengthen your motivation for training? Answer yourself for 3 questions! 


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Why do I want to move more? 

What can make that with I have to go to want? Think about it and write down the list of benefits you’ll gain from regular activity. However, there is one but one. Among the reasons, do not mention the appearance or weight of the body. Why? Whenever you put the appearance above health benefits, the chances that you persevere in the order of movement are almost zero. You often look for an Instagram-like look that is unattainable for you due to its natural build and genetics. Most people do not look like coaches in pictures and will never be! Think about how you will feel, which areas of your personal and professional life will benefit from the fact that you will be more efficient! 

What do you want to train? 

Time for training is free from evaluation and expectations. What counts more than how much you try is that you are trying at all. Difficulties are an element necessary for progress. It does not matter what form of physical activity you choose until two conditions are met your heart will beat noticeably faster, you will have fun. 

If you like to run because you have time to think it well! When you are a seeker of change and constantly try new forms of activity, that’s how you do it. Do you prefer to practice yourself at home by doing a short series of exercises? Yes, it will also benefit you! You will always gain when you move with commitment! 

When do you plan physical activity? 

Do you know the answers to the first two questions? Now it’s time to go to action! Whenever you have the opportunity, plan your time for training! It is not true that when you do not have an hour for fitness classes nothing else matters. You’ll find plenty of applications and channels on You Tube that provide short 5-10 minute workouts! Make at least one during the day. 

Add a walk up the stairs, a short walk during lunch, stretching in a break for advertising, and you get a good 30 minutes of activity a day! Give up an unjustified saying without pain, there is no progress. A moderate pace in physical activity means that you do not get discouraged from the next workout, and the sores do not bother you for a few days. 


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