Training for the mass of an advanced person is often optimized 4 days a week. This is due, among other things, to fatigue during the reduction period, where the training sessions can be 5 or even 6. Thus, the mass period in addition to the most important role – the expansion of muscles – is to allow the body to rest. Thus, create ideal conditions for the expansion of muscle mass. Below is an example of a 4-day mass training for advanced.


4-day training for advanced weight – introduction

During this period Split training will be perfect for mass. Thanks to the fact that each muscle party is trained once a week, it can develop and regenerate properly. Each training unit is designed to maximize fatigue and overtrain muscles. Split training on advanced weight is based on multi-joint exercises and on the truck progression method. It is also worth using the super-series method, which can maximize muscle development (as used in the training plan below).

In training for mass, it is important that it is properly adapted to the person who will perform it. When expanding musculature, choose the muscle parts that require the greatest amount of work. Thanks to this, the silhouette will be closer and closer to the ideal.


4-day mass training for advanced – rules

A 4-day weight training should have the following rules

  1. Train one or two muscle parts during one training unit.
  2. Apply to multi-joint exercises.
  3. After 2 days of training, plan a day off, and after two consecutive two days free from strength training.
  4. For large muscle groups, perform 4 to 6 exercises, and for small ones from 3 to 4.
  5. Perform from 4 to 6 series for large muscle groups and from 3 to 4 for small muscle parts.
  6. Perform 1 to 10 repetitions in a series.
  7. Between the exercises / series, perform an approximately 120-second break.
  8. Remember to use the help of a training partner or a belaying person when performing a series with forced repetitions.

Exemplary 4-day mass training for advanced

Warning! The 4-day training schedule given for mass is intended only for advanced and fully healthy people. Abdominal muscles should be trained on individually selected days during the week.

Weekly training schedule

Monday chest training + shoulder training

Tuesday, back muscle training + training of biceps muscles

Thursday triceps training + biceps training

Friday quadriceps muscle training + calf training




  1. Spandex with dumbbells lying on a positive bench 4 x 10
  2. Pressing the bar on the positive bench 4 x 10-8-6-4
  3. Pressing the dumbbell lying on a 4 x 8 horizontal bench
  4. Guillotine barbell press using a 4 x 8-6 Smith machine

Shoulder muscles

  1. Raising shoulders with dumbbells to the side standing 4 x 10
  2. Raising shoulders with dumbbells to the side in the torso of 4 x 10
  3. Pulling the bar to the chin while standing 4 x 10-8



Muscles with two-headed thighs

  1. Dead string on slightly bent legs 5 x 10-8
  2. Bending the legs to the buttocks lying or standing 5 x 10
  3. “Mushroom picking” 4 x 8 repetitions per leg


  1. Pulling on the solid bar with loading – 4 x 10-8-6-5 / 4 inclination
  2. Rowing with a dumbbell in a support with a positive bench 4 x 10-8 repetitions per hand
  3. Attracting the straight top bar to the back of the neck – 4 x 10 attachment
  4. Pulling the neutral handle using one of the 4 x 10-8 horizontal repetitions on the hand
  5. Straightening the torso on a Roman bench with 4 x 10-8 weight




  1. Squeezing the French barbell standing 4 x 10-6
  2. Straightening of the forearms with the handle of the upper extractor – single-handed – 4 x 10-8 reps on the hand
  3. Dips with a load of 4 x 6-4


  1. Bending of the forearms with straight barbell or cam standing – 4 x 10-6 trap
  2. Bending the forearm with a dumbbell resting the elbow on the knee 4 x 10-8 repetitions per hand
  3. Pulling on a solid bar with weight – 4 x 6-4 snap



Quadriceps muscles

  1. Front 5×6-2 squats
  2. Chest injuries with dumbbells – short steps of 4 x 10 repetitions per leg
  3. Leg extensions sitting on a 4 x 10 machine (holding the final concentric phase)
  4. Squats with dumbbells in hands, standing heels on a 4 x 8-6 elevation


  1. Toes for sitting – 4 x 10 machine
  2. “Raise steak” 4 x 10

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