Myths and rumors about fat burning are abundant. Many of them are sucked out of the finger and there is no support in practice. The following article presents the most common rumors among gym enthusiasts.

Surely everyone has heard a myth about burning fat. In the vast majority of cases, they are passed on by people who have no idea about healthy eating and training to help lose fat. The worst part is that many desperate people, seeking help in all ways, believe in these myths, unnecessarily torturing their bodies. Many of these people, due to their ignorance, bring their body to fatigue and thus quickly give up further training.

Below are the biggest myths that, according to “professionals” are considered necessary to gradually burn body fat.


Myth 1 – If you train a lot, the diet is not important.

This is one of the funniest myths you can hear. Of course, this is total nonsense! To get rid of fat you need to burn more calories than you eat during the day. This means that to lose weight, you must eat less and / or exercise more. If you train every day for a few hours while eating large amounts of calories, your effort will be wasted and the effect may be counter-productive.


Myth 2 – The best time for aerobic training is in the morning on an empty stomach.

At the outset, it should be noted that there is nothing wrong with the exercise before breakfast. If you like this form of training, do it! However, you can not claim that it is the best time to lose body fat. Fat burning lasts for 24 hours. It does not matter if you train in the morning or at a different time of the day. Focus on a relatively high intensity workout to increase your metabolism as much as possible after exercise.


Myth 3 – Only after 20 minutes of exercise you start to burn fat.

One of the biggest myths. Hearing this myth, you can imagine a switch inside the body that activates the body fat burning function after the 20th minute of exercise. If one were to believe in this myth, then daily intensive training lasting 19 minutes and 50 seconds would not help in losing fat. Of course, this is nonsense! Burning body fat after a hard workout lasts many hours after the session. So if you practice aerobics “only” 19 minutes a day, it will definitely help to lose unnecessary fat.


Myth 4 – Burning fat is only done during exercises of a certain intensity.

Increasingly heard myth. According to this theorem, the only effective aerobic exercise is training at 60-70% of the highest heart rate. Of course, this is not true. For example, interval training, which consists of a variable intensity of exercise, stimulates the body to use fat resources after exercise to a much greater extent than calm exercise. In addition, every form of movement is a form of burning calories consumed, regardless of whether it is a fast run, trot or even a slow walk.



Listen to advice only to those who have adequate experience on the effective burning of body fat. Do not listen to everything they say so. “Experts”, and above all, do not use every method you hear. Increase your knowledge about bodybuilding, and save time and nerves during reduction.

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