Do you exercise regularly and you do not progress? Do you try to eat properly, and yet your body does not change? Do you have a problem with effectively building muscle mass? Perhaps you are making mistakes related to training and nutrition. Familiarize yourself with the errors that are most frequent among gym goers so that they can be eliminated as soon as possible.

If you think that it is enough to go to the gym regularly and the muscles will grow by themselves, then you are wrong. Very often we see people whose exercise technique causes a smile on their face. In most cases, these are new people or people who “know better.” The sooner you understand that in order to develop properly and quickly, you should fully concentrate on the exercise, the better results you will achieve. Check what may be the reason that you are still standing still.


You eat too little or not enough.

As you know, when building muscle mass it is necessary to eat more calories than the body needs. To gain weight, you have to constantly raise the calorific pot. For example, if today you need 3500 kcal to build mass, in 2 weeks it may be too little (during this time you will increase your body weight, and hence, you will need more calories to continue to “grow”).

In addition, the claim that the diet is more than 60% of success is completely true. You can do exercises with perfect technique, have perfect training, and yet do not build muscle mass. The reason for this will be a shortage of calories in the diet, or even an incorrect division of macronutrients.


You do not listen to your own body!

How many times have you come back after training without feeling tired at all? If you feel like you have not practiced at all after returning home, it means the training was not right. You must necessarily do something about it. There may be many reasons why you do not feel tired, and the main ones are too small / heavy, incorrect number of series / reps, too short training, too long breaks between sets, and the most common reason is a routine exercise that the body has long ago he got used to it. Be sure to “listen” to what your body is trying to tell you.

In addition, if you feel discomfort or strange pain, do not do the exercise at any price. Ask a more experienced person if you are practicing correctly. At every gym there are many very experienced people who are willing to share their knowledge. In addition, most of the exercises you can change very similar, which can give a much better effect to you!


You do not control the weight you lift.

The most frequent error is noticeable in people who want to build a powerful musculature at any cost. Training with too much load means that instead of focusing on the correct technique, at all costs you will try to lift as much as possible – if you have flip-flops. In most cases, this exercise causes that other muscles work than you planned to exercise. All sorts of jumps, flexing the body, lifting from momentum are not in place, and can only contribute to the unnecessary injury. Control the weight! Although you will use less load, the effects will be much better (greater strength and better looking muscle).


You exaggerate with the performance of cardio / aerobics.

If you want to build muscle mass then you need to know that any type of physical exercise is a form of burning calories. What does it mean? To gain weight you need to eat more. At the same time, if you do aerobic exercises or do other sports besides strength training, you will need to eat even more to burn calories during the day in the form of meals. So there are two ways. The first will be limiting physical effort to the necessary minimum, while the second will be to consume a larger caloric pot during the day.


The most common reason for failures – weekends.

It is true that the majority of people training in the gyms keep their diet from Monday to Friday, but the problem appears as the weekend comes. Weekends are treated by many people as a form of rest from strength exercises, and worse – from proper eating. It is difficult to maintain a diet at family meetings, with friends or at parties. However, to effectively gain muscle mass, it should be remembered that the week lasts for 7 days, and each day of building muscle mass, in which “nothing useful is eaten”, will be a lost day.

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