When the goal of training and the diet is to lose weight, we can not afford to follow the myths. Awareness of what we should not do is as important as knowing what we should do to reduce the level of fat in the body. We overthrow the myths circulating in life and the web about the weight loss in women.


Slimming in women

The vast majority of women tried in their lives some very restrictive diet or deadly training to get the dream figure. Some of them resorted to the use of fat burners like L-carnitine. In each case, this ended with a temporary improvement in appearance, which after a short time turned into a few extra kilograms shortly after applying the method. We will not describe here a wonderful way to shed body fat, and reliable tips that allow for a reasonable and, above all, effective weight loss.


Myth 1 Long cardio best for fat burning

For some reason, the general idea is that keeping a steady pace on the treadmill for example 2 hours is the best way to burn body fat. Women hope that thanks to such exercises they will finally look great in a bikini. After all, the more minutes I train, the more calories I will burn, right? This is not entirely true. Long stationary cardio has many pluses, but it certainly is not the most effective in the subject of weight loss.


Solution Interval training

Interval training defined in training plans as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It consists in performing a short-term, intense effort, followed by a moment of break and resumption of activity. It has the same advantages as cardio training, and may even lead to better changes in body composition, glucose metabolism, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.


Interval training

– it will help to accelerate combustion by secretion of hormones such as adrenaline

– will not allow you to “get used to” training, which could ruin your progress

– it will allow you to build muscle tissue at the same time

– you will burn calories long after training

– it will have a positive effect on blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

– it is worth using exercises that involve as many muscle groups as possible to maximize combustion (rowing machine, running, cycling)

– interval training is shorter and more effective – performed with the weight of your own body (3 – 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes); performed with an additional load (2 – 3 days a week for 15-20 minutes).


Myth 2 Heavy loads are not good at weight reduction

For years, it has been said that women should not work with the weight when they want to lose weight. Meanwhile, research shows that the increased load in training for women has a number of positive effects. From the improvement of well-being, through health, to accelerating the burning of body fat.


Do not be afraid to take a heavier dumbbell. They will help not only build strength, but above all allow you to gain muscle mass, as well as increase the burning of calories in two stages. First – for 24 hours after a hard workout, later – when the developed muscles will need more “fuel”. So do not be afraid to add 8 to 10 heavier reps in the series to your workout.


Myth 3 Training on an empty stomach will increase combustion

This is one of the most dangerous myths, especially when you mean a full-scale visit to the gym. Exercise on an empty stomach can lead to loss of muscle mass, not fat. Although it may seem that lack of energy forces the body to burn fat, it usually results in the catabolism of muscle building proteins, which you do not want dear. What’s more – training with an empty stomach will simply be less effective.


Before training, reach for the easy-to-digest protein shah, which will contain about 20 g protein supplement. It is recommended in the form of whey protein due to its easy assimilation. The consumption of good quality protein will help to burn fat and build muscle. In addition, the lack of insulin jumps will ensure fat burning during training.


Myth 4 A large caloric deficit is necessary for weight loss

So the drastic diets that we mentioned at the beginning. If, by taking 400 kcal per day, you can burn x calories in a week, then taking 800 of them a day, you will not burn twice as much. Too much caloric deficit leads to problems with metabolism that can drag on us for many months. What’s more, the malnourished organism is weakened, which affects the density of bones, skin, hair, nails, and also encourages to gain energy from muscles, not fat.


A sensible and effective solution is to subtract 300 – 500 kcal from the daily caloric demand, which should be calculated beforehand. Later, it is only necessary to ensure that you have enough food during the day. In this case, long-term action will be effective and give an effect that will not disappear after a week.


Myth 5 Detoxification diet

Cleansing diets are very popular, because you can lose even a few kilos after them. Weight loss is caused by a drastic cut in calories for a few days, not a proper reduction in fat. Remember that the body removes toxins by itself, and it is used, for example, by the liver and kidneys.


Instead of directing attention to forced detoxification, enter healthy habits. Eat fruit and vegetables, take care of sleep and rest, drink plenty of water and avoid highly processed products.

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