On the Internet and the trade press, there are many golden ways to quickly or wonderfully lose weight. In fact, most of them are either the result of prevailing fashion, or the result of a lobby of food concerns or repeated rumors among recipients. Discover the 5 most popular myths about weight loss and do not be fooled again.


MYTH 1. You have to count calories and macronutrients

If you’ve already manipulated the caloric diet and macronutrients several times, you have several reduction diets on your account, or you care about a precise change in body composition, a carefully calculated amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates delivered in a certain calorie may actually be necessary. If up to now, however, you have been eating intuitively and you did not put a high weight on the menu, a few minor changes will probably make you lose extra kilos easily. Leave sweetened beverages and alcohol for some time, try to prepare more meals at home, do not snack and limit sugar. In combination with a slight increase in physical activity, you’ll surely see the effects.


MYTH 2. You must eat 5 or 6 meals a day

Regular, frequent eating of meals is aimed at maximizing the metabolic rate – due to constant energy supply, the body learns to consume calories on an ongoing basis and does not store them in the form of adipose tissue. The system of many meals is helpful especially for people who eat or forget about food during the day and tend to eat the largest meal at the end of the day. If you eat at regular times, although 3-4 times a day and you are not in the habit of constantly reaching for snacks, you can easily stay with this system. The key is to follow the rules of a healthy diet and convenience – then you are less likely to be discouraged.


MYTH 3. You must often use cardio

At every gym there is a popular view of clubbers who occupy various cardio machines, after which no signs of fatigue are visible. Aerobic training, and therefore oxygen, is obviously an effective way to fight against adipose tissue, but it must be performed in a specific range of the heart rate, which is approx. 60-70% HR max – maximum heart rate *. Unfortunately, the handles used to measure heart rate on machines are often unreliable – so, without working with your own heart rate monitor, it is easy to either exceed or not reach the aerobic ceiling. Another disadvantage of this type of training is duration. The body switches to energy from fat only after about 20 minutes of effort. In order for the training to be effective, you should devote at least 40 minutes to it. To lose weight, you need to create a light caloric deficit. You must therefore provide less energy during the day,than your body needs. If you are not a figure fighter and you are not worried about the minimal muscle loss, which is possible in anaerobic workouts, you can just as well achieve this deficit with shorter but more intense workouts. The HIIT, tabata, interval and cross fit training will be perfect.

* (HR max = 220 – age)


MYTH 4. Do not eat fat under any circumstances!

Fat as a nutrient has been demonized for many years. Standard guidelines for a healthy human diet suggest consumption of 30% of calories in the form of fat, including no more than 10% of saturated fat (animal – meat, some fish, eggs, dairy products, butter, lard and coconut fat). The man during the reduction, consuming 2500 kcal per day, should therefore deliver 750 kcal from fat, including up to 250 kcal from saturated fat. There is no need to reduce this number for several reasons


  1. Fat has a zero or very low glycemic index. Consequently, it does not cause insulin jumps in the blood, and the energy supplied is slowly released into the bloodstream. Fat meals take longer. Try adding hazelnut butter to the morning porridge, and vegetables to dinner, condense with olive oil, if you keep moderation, it certainly will not affect your figure.
  2. Fat is the carrier of the taste – the addition to the dish causes the extraction of flavors of other ingredients. There is a reason why greasy dishes are so tasty
  3. Fat is essential for the production of sex hormones. By limiting this component drastically in your diet, you are putting yourself at risk for the body’s endocrine disruption. Regulating the body takes a long time – unless there are clear medical indications (eg liver disease, pancreas), provide a minimum of 20% of energy from fat.
  4. Unsaturated fats have an impact on good mood, brain performance, and lowering cholesterol. Such fats include all vegetable oils and products rich in Omega-3 acids (flaxseed, walnuts and oils from them, greasy sea fish, anchovies). These products should be eaten cold.

In conclusion – the proper supply of fat is ESSENTIAL in the diet of a slimming person. If you are afraid that you will start to put off you can try L-carnitine supplementation.


MYTH 5. You must practice light weights with more repetitions

Well, no – the popular “diet for sculpture” is effective, but you can successfully replace it with other training. A larger weight, performed in shorter series, will work just as well. Burning is determined by the intensity of training. Shorten the breaks between sets and work intensively. Every reliable training, strength or endurance will support the weight loss process.

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