Fat burners are not a golden means of reducing body weight without proverbial finger movement. Appropriate ingredients of such supplements obviously have an impact on the decrease of body fat, increasing the intensity of the thermogenesis process, reducing appetite, absorbing fats, and increasing metabolism, as well as improving our efficiency. However, nothing happens alone, and certainly these supplements are not magic capsules. Below are 5 things you need to know about popular fat burners.

1. Diet or fat burner?

You can answer that question without much thought. You will not find another answer here, because 80% of the success in the fight against fat tissue is the diet. It should be very well composed for training. It is not recommended to drastically cut calories, because this action seriously slows metabolism. It’s best to take care of calorie reduction in stages, which should be at the level of 10-20%. With each subsequent organism will adapt to a reduced diet.

Remember not to eliminate fat from your diet. You can not do without them at the gym, because they are responsible for the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone via cholesterol.

The same issue applies to carbohydrates. During reduction of adipose tissue, those slowly absorbing are indicated. When you are on the reduction of your body, you also need an increased supply of protein.

As you can see, it is not about hunger strike, but about dietary habits, just rational nutrition.

2. Assume only real goals

The reduction is not an easy task. Therefore, it is very important to precede it with appropriate preparations. For very important issues when undertaking reduction training, it is necessary to set real goals. So you need to determine the specific duration of the reduction, the exact date of its completion or set a goal in the form of obtaining a specific body weight.

Do not assume high achievements in advance. Work divided into smaller stages is much more effective. 2-3 kg weight loss over a month is sufficient. Gradually, also increase your fitness performance, shortening the intervals between sets from 2 to 1 minute.

Measure your strengths and enjoy every even the smallest success.

3. More does not mean better

Supplementation at the very beginning of the reduction is not recommended. A good start with a strong stimulus for the body is primarily a balanced diet and workouts. Only when the moment comes when the effects start to fade is it advisable to reach for the thermogenics.

When deciding on a specific fat burner, first check how your body tolerates it. Only when you do not have any adverse effects, you can increase the dose. However, in this type of supplements, more does not mean faster and with better results.

4. Watch out for caffeine

Thanks to the fact that most fat burners have in their composition caffeine, they stimulate the nervous system, which translates into increased motivation for physical activity. But that’s not all, because fat burners improve endurance, which obviously increases the exercise capacity.

Caffeine has a thermogenic effect, greatly boosts the metabolism. However, if you are also taking other supplements that have it in the composition, besides you belong to the lovers of the small black, use fat burners with extreme caution.

5. The results must be measurable

Controlling the effects of the reduction diet, training, and fat burner effects is a very important issue. In the case of the latter, the measurements are particularly important, because it makes no sense to use a fat reducer, which in your case brings little good.

To check the operation of a specific fat burner give yourself two weeks. Due to the fact that the body is relatively quickly getting used to this kind of supplements, always start with the smallest doses. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.

To verify the effects of your work, diet, fat burner operation, perform control measurements. In addition to weight once a week, preferably in the morning and on an empty stomach, perform a set of measurements of the circumference of specific parts of the body. In addition to weight on a special weight measure the mass of body fat.

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