The holiday season is probably the biggest challenge for those who care for their form. Regardless of whether you managed to achieve goals set before the summer, or you are constantly polishing your figure and eating plan, make sure that you do not lose motivation and do not lose your hard work. Stick to these five principles, enjoy the holidays and beautiful weather and keep your form stress free until autumn.


  1. Keep your workout routine

First of all, do not stop training. Performance and strength drops much faster than it is built, so it is not worth giving up despite the summer temptations. If you have the option, transfer your workouts to the morning hours when it is not yet so hot and the probability that you choose a meeting with your friends instead of lifting weights is much smaller. If you are too discouraged by the idea of staying at the gym on hot days, consider a slight modification of your training. Perhaps it is worth to work on the performance during running, swimming or cycling training or to introduce a few shorter, but more intensive interval training sessions in the open air. However, be regular and be consistent.


  1. Remember to eat healthy food

Every day try to include in your menu

2-3 portions of fruit, in the summer there is a huge choice, enjoy!

good quality protein (lean meat, fish, eggs, seafood, quinoa, soybeans, pods)

as much as possible of fresh vegetables (raw, grilled, steamed)

complex carbohydrates (brown rice, wild boar, basmati, cereal, whole-grain pasta …)

healthy fats (avocado, vegetable oils, greasy sea fish)

Nutrition is 70% work. Unless you start a body competition, you do not have to obsessively follow a diet and you can easily afford a few deviations in the week, let it be one meal, not the whole gluttony day. On days that allow yourself to ice cream, alcohol, sweetened drinks, or other caloric snacks, reduce carbohydrates in the remaining meals, drink a lot of water and enter a more intense training unit.


  1. Control the portions

It is important not only what, but how much it lands on your plate. The size of the portions pay attention especially during the barbecue, parties with a Swedish table, or dinner with family or friends, where you have the possibility of many additions. Think about what dishes you would like to have or would like to try and put them right on the plate. Only then are you able to control how much you really eat. In addition, eat slowly, chew it thoroughly, drink water and do not focus only on food. Get involved in the conversation and get up from the table to help – the hosts will be grateful and you will not get over and you will not feel lumber.


  1. Watch out for alcohol

Unfortunately alcohol is the most deadly element of the holiday diet. Pure alcohol contains 7 calories / 100 g, and its consumption significantly reduces the rate of metabolism, slows down the burning of body fat and very much dehydrates the body. Alcohol intoxication is also conducive to succumbing to temptation and deviations from the diet. If you do not have to just do not drink, and instead, prepare yourself water with mint, ice and citrus. In my experience, often drinking from a glass that resembles a drink is enough to feel good during the party. If you’re planning an alcoholic evening, avoid sweet drinks, liqueurs, beer and whiskey, but instead put on dry wine or pure alcohol (vodka, gin, rum) prepared in the form of a sauer or fizz-style drink – with sparkling water and lemon.


  1. Irrigate yourself

An extremely important point of care for the holiday form. It is assumed that 1 cm3 of water should be taken for each calorie intake during the day. For an active man who consumes 3,000 calories a day, it is 3 liters of water, not the recommended amount of 2 liters. If there is additional physical activity, the result should increase by a further 0.5 liters. Fluids that you can count on your body’s water balance include water, green tea, white tea, rooibos, fruit teas and herbs (puff, chamomile, mint, horsetail, lemon balm). Caffeine drinks, such as coffee, yerba mate, black tea and energy, dehydrate the body. All sugary and light beverages are also not recommended! If you do not like the taste of water, you can spice it up with the addition of frozen berries, citrus, herbs, watermelon or melon, and even cucumber.A good option for hot days are also homemade green, fruity or white frozen teas with similar toppings, with lots of ice. It often happens that the feeling of thirst is understood as a slight hunger, so before you reach for a snack, drink some water.

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