Salads are associated with diet, taking care of the line and health. However, not every salad is dietetic. There are many additions that from this fit snack can make a caloric bomb.

Full-fat cheeses

Cheeses are healthy and valuable due to calcium. However, when we want to lose weight, we reach for white, low-fat cheeses. Do not use cheese for salads, because it is very caloric and not completely healthy due to the large amount of saturated fatty acids and salt. Just give up two tablespoons of grated cheese, and save yourself 170 calories, or about 16 grams of fat.

Crispy noodles

This is an increasingly fashionable addition to salads, which comes from Asia. Crispy noodles is a nutritionally nourishing instant noodles that, apart from a good dose of calories, does not bring anything good to our dishes.

Fried chicken

White meat is healthy and does not make you fat. It is worth eating them, especially instead of pork. However, it is better to add a steaming or boiled or even grilled chicken breast seasoned with spices than the same meat previously fried in oil or other fat.

Dried fruits

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with them. Unfortunately, sugar is often added to dried fruit (eg dried cranberry). Check the composition of dried vodka on the package, and best to add fresh fruits that are rich in vitamins and have low calories.

Yoghurt sauce

Hailed as the most dietetic, of course it will be if its composition will include natural yogurt and herbs. Adding oil, honey or sugar will gain significantly on calories and our salad will lose on diet.

An avocado

Although it is delicious and very healthy, it has a lot of calories (in 100 grams up to 221!), So if you care about low calories, replace them with another fresh vegetable or use in symbolic amounts.

We have provided six high-calorie ingredients that added to the salad will significantly increase its energy. Remember that not always the lowest amount of calories should be our goal, always put on a high content of vitamins and minerals. However, in the period of weight reduction when every calorie counts, take care that your salads are fit not only from the name)

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