During the diet sooner or later comes the day when we are unable to control ourselves and we feel that we simply have to eat something forbidden. As it turns out, it does not have to be related to remorse. The main task of the cheat meal is to relieve our tired psyche diet. If we stick to certain basic rules, such a deviation from time to time will not hurt us in any way, or even the opposite. Below you will learn the six basic principles of how to properly use a cheat meal.


The benefits of cheat meal

Cheat meal has an effect on our hormonal balance. When we are on a stable diet, i.e. lasting at least 2 weeks, our level of insulin, leptin, thyroid hormones and ghrelin is normalized. A cheat meal is in no way able to disrupt this stabilization, but on condition that it does not exceed 1000 calories. The influence of this cheated meal on our psyche is not to be underestimated. Quite often, we feel exhausted and tired of a long-lasting diet that takes us a lot of pleasure. Cheat meal is a small present from us for ourselves, which allows us to relieve tension and causes the secretion of endorphins – the hormones of happiness.

If we want to be 100% sure that a cheat meal is correctly included in our diet, we must follow the rules below


1) Increase the amount of carbohydrates

It has been proven that the greater amount of carbohydrates contained in our diet is the higher level of leptin in our blood. It is a hormone responsible for a sense of fullness. If our diet lacks carbohydrates, we feel hungry and irritated, we feel more often or succumb to dietary temptations. During the day when a cheated meal is allowed, we can decide to increase carbohydrates and use more multi-grain products, reach for whole wheat pasta, cereal and wild rice. Certainly we will feel better, because we will simply be satisfied.


  1. Watch out for fats

While you can reach for carbohydrates during your “cheated” day, be careful not to combine them with fats. These slow down the digestion of carbohydrates and are not used as energy if we consume them with excess. If you overdo it, you can increase the amount of your body fat.


  1. Eat whole grains

We have already said that whole grain products are good, but we will repeat it again. Remember, if a product has a high level of carbohydrates, it does not mean that it is unhealthy! Carbohydrates, especially complex ones, go hand in hand with fiber, which is essential for the proper functioning of our digestive system. In addition, it is often associated with minerals and a large amount of protein, as in the case of many varieties of Polish groats.


  1. Limit the intake of fruit

The fruit has a high level of fructose, which is not directly used by our body. Therefore, it is sent to the liver, where it is transformed into glycogen. However, when its amount is exhausted, the liver begins to produce fat from fructose, which is deposited in the form of adipose tissue. On the day when we want to afford a cheat meal, limit the consumption of fruit, so as not to lead to excessive glycogen levels


  1. Plan your cheat meal

Save in the calendar when the day will come when you will be able to fool your diet a little. It will be easier for you to persevere. Remember that you must be on a diet for at least two weeks to be able to afford such a jump. Also, make sure that it is a single meal, not a whole day of gluttony.


  1. Do not eat anything that falls into your hands!

Remember that a cheat meal is used to improve your mood as part of your diet without disturbing its course. Thanks to such a deceitful meal, you may have no remorse because your diet is not at risk. However, if you decide instead of cheat meal to treat yourself to a real food orgy, you can say goodbye to the diet effects you have achieved so far. Therefore, think about whether the meal you want to eat actually has less than 1000 calories and is it worth it. Remember not to eat it in the form of fast food, in which it is very easy to break your rules.

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