Leptin is mainly produced in white fat cells and is responsible for informing the brain of satiety and satisfying hunger.” Long-term diet results in leptin being kept at a relatively low level, which is a signal for the body of “hard times

Processes that consume a lot of energy are slowed down, resulting in a slower metabolism and, consequently, a slower combustion of fat deposits.The one-off large boost of energy in the form of a cheat meal increases the level of leptin in the blood and allows acceleration of metabolic processes.

Grelin is called the hunger hormone.” She is responsible for the regulation of appetite. “A low-energy diet leads to an increase in ghrelin levels in blood, which promotes more severe hunger.” Cheat meal may temporarily lower the level of ghrelin and get rid of hunger for longer.

If you exercise regularly during a reduction diet, you can feel more and more fatigue during exercise with increasing weeks, due to the diminishing glycogen supply in your muscles and liver.

Glycogen is a supplementary sugar which is a source of energy during activity, its optimal amount increases the efficiency of exercising people – it allows for longer and more effective training.

To rebuild the glycogen used, you need carbohydrates. People who lose weight, which usually limit carbohydrates on a diet, may have a problem with it. With the help of a cheat meal, thanks to which you can easily regenerate liver and muscle glycogen.

How do you use a cheat meal?

.First of all, to be able to afford a cheated meal, you must be on a minimum of two weeks diet. Nutritionists believe that this is the time needed to bring the body permanently into fat burning mode.

But it’s best to wait with the cheat meal until the strong will starts to fall and you’ll need some variation from the recommendations.” You can eat this meal a maximum of once a week, preferably in the middle of the day, to have time to burn the calories you have supplied.

Meals before a cheat meal should be eaten regularly according to your eating plan, but after it – reach for food only when you feel hungry. Once you have calorie meal should not exceed 1000 kcal.

As part of a cheated meal, you can eat everything you want – a burger, pizza, favorite pasta or chocolate cake, it’s important that you eat it and take your attention away from focusing on dietary recommendations. top, however, it will be due to the temporary increase in the body’s water level caused by eating carbohydrates.

Cheat meal and not cheat day!

If the concept of a cheated meal seems justified, then cheat day, or all-day gluttony of everyone we want – not necessarily. Allowing yourself to eat all the unhealthy things – which just jump into the shopping cart – one day will certainly affect weight.

There are two concepts on a cheat day.” According to the first one, we eat as much as our caloric demand, but the meals consist only of prohibited products. This approach will not cause a steady increase in weight, but it will certainly affect the condition of the digestive system in a short time a lot of junk food.

The second concept allows you to eat everything to the resistance.The recorders in one day can absorb up to 6-7 thousand kcal! In this case, we have a guaranteed increase in body fat and indigestion.After such a huge amount of food you can probably just lie down and wait until the body he will deal with pains on the day of gluttony.

During slimming the stomach shrinks, and the body learns to satisfy a smaller amount of food.The delivery of 3-4 times more food than usual in one day is nonphysiological, causes stretching of the stomach walls and loss of effects of earlier work.


What to watch out for?

People with smaller resources of strong will may be prone to stretching a cheated meal over time.A cheat meal can turn into a cheat day, and hence a straight road to a week full of satisfying whims, followed by remorse and, with a little good fortune, to return to the diet with the loss of losses.

Cheat meal should be planned, integrated into the diet, can not be an excuse for compulsive reaching for your favorite sweets or crisps.Also remember about the portion size.A cheated meal does not serve to eat up to the limit, but to eat your favorite dish with pleasure.

It is also worth realizing that when you decide on a diet, you go to a certain arrangement with yourself.The reduction diet is designed to teach you healthy eating and encourages you to deliberately give up certain product groups.

I mean fast food and industrial sweets full of hardened palm fat.On cheat meal, choose something that you like very much, but you are not afraid that it damages your health.

A cheated meal gains immense popularity because it breaks the stereotype of a diet perceived as a period of continual hunger and sacrifice.” Cheat meal is a stepping stone from observing the recommendations, so it relaxes, reduces tension and allows another boost of motivation during weight loss.

Eating a meal once a week that goes beyond the diet does not destroy the effects of weight loss, on the contrary – it can speed up the metabolism and improve the results, so if you love lasagne – eat a portion once a week and enjoy everyday life.

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