We asked the trainers what exercises they think are a waste of time. We also asked them to replace them with better ones, which will help them develop their dream shapes faster. See the results of our investigation. 


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7 best and worst gym exercises for women 

The following exercises do not train individual muscles, but whole groups of muscles. Thanks to this, even a smaller number of repetitions gives the desired effect. For this we also present a black list of exercises that you should forget about. Find out how to exercise effectively and safely in the gym! 

Remember that no exercises will change your figure (or weight) if you do not do them systematically. That is at least 2-3 times a week. The number of repetitions is also very important 

pushups – you should do 8-10 times 

position T – you can perform only 5 times, maximum – 8 times 

march – it must take about half an hour 

other exercises – repeat 10-15 times (each time on both sides or legs) 


1. For strengthening the thighs 

Give yourself straightening your sitting legs – this exercise, performed on instruments or with weights placed on the ankles, strengthens the quadriceps muscles in the front of the thighs, but it loads the joints and knee tendons. And women have very sensitive knees. 

From today, practice stepping on a step – stand in front of him and grasp the weights in your hands (everyone should weigh 4 kg). Place the left foot on the platform and straighten the leg. Tight your buttocks and raise your right leg straight back. Bend your left knee and set your right foot, touching the floor only with your fingers. Then straighten the left leg again and lift the right one back. The higher the degree you enter, the more difficult – and more effective – will be the exercise. 


2. Shaping the calves 

Keep your fingers on your toes – if you train to slim your calves, lifting your heels will not help. The shape of the calves is primarily genetically determined. You can do this exercise if you want to prevent leg pain, which often occurs after long marches. 

From today, practice climbing up the hill – find some hill near your home or, if you prefer to exercise in the gym, set the treadmill to climb. The main muscles working during such climbing are just calves. You can also strengthen them by climbing the stairs and doing squats and forwards. 


3. Sculpting the bust 

Save yourself bending your hands with weights – it can cause an injury – bending of heavy hands in a standing position is very unnatural. And lifting weights too high causes shoulder and wrist pains. 

From now on exercise your hands – sit down, join your feet and grasp the weights in your hands (each 1,5-2.5 kg). Tilt your torso forward, making sure your back stays straight. Lower your hands along the calves so that the elbows are slightly bent and your palms turned backwards. Take the shoulder blades and raise your hands from side to side, up to your shoulders. Slowly lower them. 


4. Eliminating the opaque on the stomach 

Give yourself twins with a twist – they are ineffective and they strain the spine too much. 

Begin with the practice of a scissors with a twist – lie on your back and bend your legs (calves parallel to the floor, knees above the hips). Grab the ends of the towel and straighten your hands so that your hands are above your knees. Lift the upper torso, straightening the left leg at a 45-degree angle and moving the towel so that it is on the outside of the right knee. Straighten your right leg and bend your left leg. Move the towel to the other side without leaving the torso. 

5. Breast augmentation 

Save yourself lifting weights – this works only on a small part of the chest muscles. If you do the exercise incorrectly, you may get shoulder joint injuries. 

Begin today with step-up pumps – kneel, place your hands on the aerobic step and straighten your arms so that the barges are right above them. Move your feet back until your legs straighten and form a straight line with your torso. Slowly bend your hands until the barges are at the height of the elbow. Straighten your hands. 


6. Slimming the waist 

Save yourself sideways – contrary to appearances, this exercise does not slim your waist. On the contrary, it can even optically expand it, because it increases the abdominal oblique muscles. For these muscles, it is natural to twist the torso in the vertical plane rather than sideways. 

Starting from today, practice the position of T – lean on your hands and toes, arms straight, neck, back and legs form a straight line (as with pumps). Then firmly tighten the abdominal muscles and transfer the weight of the body to the right hand and the outer edge of the right foot. At the same time, raise your left hand up. Look ahead. Hold for 5 seconds and then do the exercise the other way round. If you can not keep your balance, do the exercise with your forearms. 


7. Burning fat on the thighs 

Save your legs – the device on which you perform this exercise was designed to get rid of fat from the inside of your thighs. However, it does not give you satisfactory results. By exercising on it, you strengthen your muscles, but mainly those deep under the skin. 

Practice repulsion from today – lie on the bench of the device. Place your feet on the platform above you. The legs should be bent at 90 degrees, so ask the trainer to help you set up the equipment. Then set the left leg on the floor. Grip the handles on the sides and push the lower back to the bench. Slowly straighten your right leg and then bend. 


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