Fat reduction is a long-lasting process that requires systematic work. Intensive training and increased protein intake is just a step to improving the appearance of your figure. Check what mistakes can stop your progress. Do not let go and fight for your assumptions.


  1. Skipping meals

It often happens that at lunchtime we are not, as it seems to be, hungry enough. Equally often, we voluntarily give up eating one of the meals, thinking that we will cut off calories and speed up weight loss. Nothing more wrong! It is known that if you want to lose pounds, you should eat every 3 -4 hrs. These should be small portions so that the body can still use the energy supplied, did not feel the need to store, but also was not forced to do so by excess calories provided. For some, the interval between meals seems too short, but it should be remembered that a meal is not only dinner, but also the fruit eaten under the afternoon tea.

In summary – focus on healthy food and avoid long breaks without food, no meals. Otherwise you will harm yourself – the metabolism will slow down, the appetite will be bigger during the next meal, you will eat more than you should, and instead of decreasing the fat tissue, it will systematically grow.


  1. Too many carbohydrates

We reduce carbohydrates in the first place when we want to lose fat. Unfortunately, those that appear in our diet, in a large part belong to the group of simple carbohydrates, that is, those that are quickly digested, give energy quickly and stop it quickly, which results in increased appetite. In fact, the only time when the intake of simple carbohydrates makes any sense is the time after intense training, when you need to rebuild muscle glycogen stores. We can also try it during breakfast, but it is not worth overdoing the amount.

The intake of carbohydrates determines the increase in the amount of sugar in the blood, and therefore the discharge of insulin. This, in turn, gives a signal to store compounds, not to burn them. So you can talk about a kind of blockade of fat reduction. For this reason, it is worth choosing complex carbohydrates that are systematically broken down without throwing out a lot of energy at once.

When choosing the ingredients of the menu, let’s follow the division into good and bad carbohydrates. The latter should be excluded from the diet, even if we do not want to lose weight. These include all kinds of sweetened beverages, highly processed products, and white sugar. Where to look for healthy carbohydrates?

– nuts

– legumes

– dairy products (unsweetened)

– berries and citrus fruits

– whole-grain products

– rice

– sweet potato

– vegetables

After training to an hour after finishing the exercise, 60 – 80 g of carbohydrates should be added to 25 – 40 g of protein.


  1. Skipping fat

The opinion is that fat must be avoided like fire. However, as with carbohydrates – it is bad and good. The first one can be found in highly processed products, deep fried, in products with trans fat. Be careful not to be healthy, because, like everything, you need the body to build new cell membranes, dissolve vitamins A, D, E and K and many more. Healthy fat can be found in olive oil, cheese, nuts, eggs and fatty fish as well as avocado.


  1. Less water consumption

It is true that bodybuilders are dehydrating before the competition. This is the only way to reveal even more muscles, because there is little fat in them. Just because you lose a kilogram or two, which is water, will not make you lose weight. You will get a short-term effect that will not change anything – fat will not disappear. You should drink as much water as you can. In the end, it is a significant part of our body and has detoxifying properties.


  1. Addiction to sugar

Cheat meal and small sins make it increasingly difficult to put away sugar? No wonder – sugar is addictive! Fight with yourself and do not eat it for 2 weeks. After this time, natural sweetness will be a beneficial replacement for existing snacks.


  1. You feel comfortable during cardio

At first you spit out your lungs, but now it’s a short walk? Change it and raise the bar. The body increases the possibilities, so you should increase the effort. Bet for longer training, intervals or increase the pace. Do everything to get tired, because only this is a pass to reduce body fat.


  1. Overloading with diet and exercises

Do not treat the fight for your dream figure as a punishment, something that you do not do well. Be positive, and when you have enough diet food, eat this hamburger. If you exercise and keep your diet and eat it once, nothing will happen. The same applies to training. If you really do not have the strength or the desire to exercise, make yourself a day off. Go for a walk, spend a pleasant time with your friends. This will have a positive effect on your psyche and will return to your enthusiasm for hard work. We have enough stress at work. Do not be burdened with mental strains. In the end, frustration never affected anyone well.

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