There are many roads to build a beautiful, convex chest, and you can not say that what you do is wrong. It’s time to realize that squeezing, yes, is the key to getting Schwarzenegger’s cage, but it’s not just a waving barbell. Skipping important elements, lack of attention to details and all kinds of negligence may be the cause of lack of visible and satisfactory progress. See what you can do wrong, change your habits and watch progress!


  1. You are too focused on breaking records

Too many people are focused to get the most out of one repetition, instead of a series of 7-12 repetitions. It is in this compartment that the growth of muscle tissue is the most stimulated. If you are not a powerlifter or strength fighter, stop focusing on lifting the maximum weight once and concentrate on the real muscle fatigue.


  1. Feet in the air

It is not known why a wide group of people think that keeping legs in the air will bring much better results. In fact, the technique has its application, but a much better solution will be to stick them to the floor to have a stable position. This will allow you to focus on the movement and maintaining tension, not on the additional stabilization of the torso, which we would have to pay attention to during the training.


  1. Torso in the wrong position

There may be many reasons for this, including the above-mentioned holding of legs somewhere above the ground surface. During the entire duration of the exercise, we should take care of the correct posture. And this includes

  1. a) keep the chest removed
  2. b) a light bow in the lower back
  3. c) strong blades collected
  4. d) the barges lowered maximally down and based on a bench


  1. You are using a bad grip

For the extrusion, a straight griffin is usually used, which should be gripped at shoulder width or slightly wider. This variant allows maximum use of chest muscle work during extrusion, while other grips will focus on the hands. This is a frequent mistake that we are not aware of, so it is worth listening to your own body, which suggests to us the work of a given muscle during exercise.


  1. You are bouncing the barbell from your chest

Although we read everywhere that this is bad, and training plans include exercises to teach us movement to the cage, without reflecting on her, some still think that this is the desired effect. Remember once and for all that by bouncing the bar from the cage, you are depriving yourself of the benefits that result from the proper execution of the movement, and you are also exposed to a serious injury.


  1. The rate of extrusion

It often happens to do the training automatically, at the same pace, without thinking. We simply wave the barbell up and down and we leave happy after finishing the series. In the meantime, it’s worth thinking about training! Focus on making the movement quite slow and fully controlled. You can assume that lowering will take 3-4 seconds, followed by a 1-second holding of the moment of the greatest stretch and explosive upward movement. You will feel the muscles and increase their tension immediately.


  1. You do not use the full range of traffic

This is just as bad a habit as bouncing the bar from the cage. If you care about well-developed breast muscles, you must lower the bar to the cage itself, to fully stretch the muscles (which means only a gentle contact of the bar with the chest) to stimulate every muscle fiber. Then we push the weight up vigorously, straining the muscles of the cage.

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