I would like to introduce to you the training system presented by Lee Boyece. 

Classic bodybuilding presupposes periods of building mass and reducing body fat. As he says, an old adage You can not ride two horses at the same time. However, no one claims that it is not impossible. 

Most of the training people do not have genetics, knowledge or time to achieve two goals simultaneously, hence the division of cycles into mass and reduction cycles. This is a simple way with easy-to-organize rules. I would like to present to you a training that will work both when building muscle mass and when reducing unnecessary fat. With adequate manipulation of nutrients it is possible to achieve RECOMPU. 

8 × 8 Gironda Method. 


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Vince Girodna, was the first of the trainers who considered the training of a party to be honestly one that contained 8 series and 8 repetitions. 

How it’s working ? Similar to 10 × 10 training or GVT training. You take 60-70% of the maximum weight and perform with it an exercise consisting of 8 series of 8 repetitions, with intervals no longer than 30 seconds. This method can be used for 4 different exercises during training. It will be a real shock for the body if you’ve practiced regular splits before. 

A few tips 

Considering the range of repetitions and the intervals between the series, the 8 × 8 GM training should provide you with a good pump and better condition. 

Start training from 60-70% of the maximum weight and if necessary, you can reduce the weight during the next series of exercises. 


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Selection of exercises 

A key issue. Choose the exercises you have mastered 100% technically, which you feel are working on you. Do not combine with sophisticated, not fully tested exercises. 

You choose one exercise for each muscle part 

Barges Squeezing dumbbells sitting, Squeezing barbells standing, Push Press 

Shoulders Narrow grip, bending of the forearms with the barbell, Hosebolts, Pulling up with the handle, Czachołamacze. 


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Vince Gironda used the principle of performing up to 15 series of exercises for a given muscle group. Therefore, one exercise should be performed using the 8 × 8 method and it should be the first exercise. The remaining batch exercises are selected individually according to the needs. The range of repetitions is also an individual thing. 

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