Bread is an ingredient of a balanced diet! According to the latest Pyramid of Healthy Nutrition, cereal products are the most important element of a healthy diet right after vegetables and fruits. Therefore, if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of bread, you do not have to eliminate it! Nutritionists even say that bread can help maintain a slim figure. However, for this to happen, certain conditions must be met. What? 


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1. Choose good-quality bread! 

The shorter the list of bread ingredients, the better. When buying bread, pay attention to whether it is chemically preserved or colored with caramel. A simple, everyday slice is nothing more than water, flour, sourdough / yeast and salt. 

2. Put on bread from wholemeal flour 

When baking is done using a wholemeal flour, the glycemic index of the bread decreases and the content of dietary fiber increases. Thanks to these two traits after eating the sandwich you will be satisfied for a long time. 

3. Choose bread with the addition of grains 

The health-promoting properties of bread are additionally boosted by the addition of grains, e.g. sunflower, chia, linseed. They contain valuable protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids, which alleviate inflammation and strengthen the body’s immunity. 

4. Limit wheat bread 

The world is flooding the mass of wheat-based foods, and although this is a valuable cereal, it is not worth replanting with its quantity. For this reason, we encourage you to experiment with bread based on other flours. 

5. Try rye bread and buckwheat bread 

You will be amazed at how different flavors can have a slice of bread. Choose classic rye bread or try one that is made from buckwheat flour. Buckwheat bread is a very good alternative for all people who can not tolerate gluten. It has a slightly nutty, interesting aftertaste. 

6. Good bread is a source of fiber and vitamins from B group

Bread is not just carbohydrates! In a bread based on grains and wholemeal flour you will also find large amounts of vitamins from the gr. B, magnesium, selenium, zinc and dietary fiber. 

7. Eat sandwiches a maximum of once a day! 

Do not change into a sandwich maker. We know that sandwiches can be prepared quickly, but you can not eat them from morning to evening. Put on a varied diet, so eat them up once a day. 

8. Add variety to the sandwiches! 

A sandwich is not only a roll, cheese and cold cuts. It’s a dish that gives you plenty of options to compose different toppings and change flavors. Do not forget about eggs, hummus, vegetable pastes. Try the sweet sandwiches with, for example, tahini, sesame and strawberries! Pride! 

9. Watch out for butter and spread cheese! 

Do not increase the calorie content of the sandwiches by adding butter or cream cheese for spreading. Did you know that some spreads can have up to 60% fat in the dry product weight? Do you love butter? Make sure you always have a small piece out of the fridge. If you use chilled butter, you cut them, do not grease them, and you will eat an additional 70-80 kcal! 


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