A deadlift only seemingly easy. Although it seems that it is nothing but lifting the weight of the floor, proper movement technique requires a great deal of practice to be sure that the legs and back are pulling the weight simultaneously. 

Moving a greater part of the effort to the back makes you develop less strength and risk lumbar spine overload. Here are the rules for the proper technique of motion when executing deadlift 


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-Scene at the banner, with feet spaced about 25 cm. 

– Knee your knees, lower your buttocks and hold your back flat. 

– Lift the bar from the floor evenly. The lifting of the weight begins with the force created in the lower part of the body. 


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-Do not block your legs too early, your legs should not be straight enough until the torso is not perpendicular to the floor. 

– Lower the bar to the floor with controlled movement, but not so slowly that you do not have to strain yourself too much. 

-Some tricyclists use the sumo technique, holding dead feet widely spaced out and pointing outwards. This style of lifting the bar has less usefulness in bodybuilding due to the fact that primarily uses the maximum strength of legs, hips and buttocks, while minimizing the work of the back. 

-Winter string on straight legs, during which legs are always straightened, focusing effort on the lower parts of the back. However, in the first place it stretches and tightens the muscles of the buttocks and rear thighs. If it is included in the exercise program, it should be used to develop the back of the thighs and perform before or after bending the shins. 


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