The more stress we have, the worse we deal with everyday life. It’s getting harder and harder to relax and regain confidence in our own strength. We become restless, irritable, have problems with concentration. Our head hurts more often, we are tired, we feel backache, backache, lack of appetite. 

It would be best to avoid stressful situations, but it is virtually impossible. Let us learn to reduce the tension that they cause in us. There are various effective ways for this. 


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Relaxing exercises 

They rely on proper breathing, which is the key to regaining control over the body and mind. When the breath is shallow, fast – the body reacts with the acceleration of the pulse and increases the secretion of fear hormones. If it is long and slow – the body calms down and relaxes, and the mind calms down. Exercise several times a day. You can do it not only at home, but also during a break at work, on a walk or while waiting at the bus stop. 

Before your day starts for good 

Do not get out of bed just after the alarm clock ring. First, drag yourself a few times like a cat and then get to exercise. You can master them without much effort, especially if you record their description on a cassette tape. Try to keep your breathing deep, calm and steady. 

Make 5 deep diaphragmatic breaths (inhale with your nose, exhale through your mouth). At 5, stop the air in your lungs, counting slowly in your mind to 4. 

Close your eyes. Firmly tighten the eyelids, relax them. Now open your eyes as wide as you can. Wink the muscles of the eyelids with a wink. 

Open your mouth very wide. Close them so that your lips touch lightly. Relax. Clench your lips as hard as you can. Relax them. Smoke quietly, first for a high note, then for the lowest possible. After changing the key, relax. 

Lift up your straight arms. Clench your fists as hard as you can. Loosen your hands and arms, lower your hands. Raise your arms again. Bend your hands in the wrists, fingers down. Firmly tense your shoulder muscles, lower your arms slowly. 

Repeat the breathing exercise (do 5 deep breaths). 

Breathe the diaphragm 

It is worth to learn this technique. You will oxygenate your mind, relax your body, and avoid headaches. We recommend it especially to people with respiratory problems. Focus on the exhale, which should be calm and slow. 

Lie on your back with your hand on your stomach. 

Take a deep breath with your nose. During inspiration, the diaphragm should rise high (you can feel it with your hand). 

Stop the air in the lungs, initially for 4 seconds, and gain as much as 8 seconds. 

Exhale slowly. The diaphragm gradually falls (check it with your hand). 

Breathe after work 

When you get back home, do you feel particularly tired and upset? Relaxation exercises will help you regain energy and a good mood. Take a warm, relaxing shower and lie comfortably on your back. 

Close your eyes. Think that your entire body (hands, legs, head, trunk, etc.) becomes heavy as a stone. The muscles relax completely. The mind is free from disturbing thoughts. 

Now tighten your abdominal muscles. Relax them. Take a deep breath. Stop the air. Tighten your muscles again. Exhaust. Relax. 

Firmly tighten the buttocks. Deep breath. Tighten your muscles again. Relax. 

Loosen the muscles of the face, neck, arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, buttocks and legs. Take 3-5 seconds of each part of the body. When you put your whole body in a state of relaxation, leave peacefully for another 10 minutes, thinking about how the heat circulates in your body. Close your eyes for about 5 seconds. 

Make 6 deep diaphragmatic breaths. At 5 – stop the air in the lungs for about 4 seconds. Exhaust. 

Practice! You will quickly learn to silence the tensions created in various difficult situations. You will be healthier, stronger and certainly more cheerful. 

Practice makes perfect 

Do not be discouraged when you do not feel relaxed at first. You will find that it will be much better each day. 

By joining the exercises, try to focus your attention on a pleasant memory for a moment. 

Take care of peace, and then you will learn to feel the sensation of your body faster and control your thoughts better. 

Quiet, calm music, preferably classic, will put you in a nice, cheerful mood. 


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