Diet is a very popular word in recent years. In most cases, the term is used in the context of a reducing or slimming diet. Diets can be different, and this word can refer to everyday nutrition, bad or good.

Often wanting, whether to lose weight or gain weight or when we have health problems or want to build mass, we wonder if laying a diet is a difficult thing. Can we do it on our own? Is it better to go to the dietitian for help? I will try to answer these questions.

Placing a reduction diet

While the calculation of energy demand is easy, when we know the right patterns,Thermo Detonator putting the menu to it can already create some problems. You can use the appropriate program or calculator for this purpose. Of course, I am talking about healthy people, because self-arrangement of menus by people with illnesses may be a bigger challenge.

Many dieters offer online diets, which is a good solution for people who can not go to the office. Sometimes you can find free menus, but they will not be adapted to your individual needs.

Each diet planning should start with calculating the basic metabolic rate (PPM) of the body. It is calculated based on the correct formula. It is a value that shows the amount of energy, that the body needs to do basic activities like breathing, blinking, changes in the body. To know, how many kilocalories a day our body needs, the PPM value must be multiplied by the appropriate physical activity rate.

Physical activity

There are several physical activity coefficients and to select the right one, you need to determine the level of activity of the person concerned. After multiplying the PPM value by the physical activity coefficient, we get the value of the total caloric demand and that’s it she is the starting point for laying a diet.

Green Coffee

If the interested person wants to arrange a diet on a mass, based on this calorie, calculates the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. If the goal is a slimming diet, the number of kilocalories from total demand must be reduced. The reduction can not be greater than the basic value of metabolism. Let’s describe it with an example.

Women aged 30, weight 70 kg, height 165 cm, physical activity small. The amount of kilocalories that it needs for basic metabolism is 1500, after multiplying this value by the physical activity coefficient, its energy demand is 2,200 kcal. To obtain the slimming effect of the diet, from the value of 2200 kcal should be subtracted from 500-700 kcal per day so that in the week could lose weight from 0.5 to 0.7 kg.

By obtaining the value of 1700 kcal, we calculate the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In the case of a reduction diet, the amount of protein in the diet should be 23%, fat 22%, and carbohydrates 55%.

After the appropriate conversion, the dietary protein should cover 390 kcal, fat 375 kcal, and carbohydrate 930 kcal. However, it would be difficult to calculate the number of macronutrients in this way in the diet.

ScorchTherefore, these values ​​must still be converted to grams. Because 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates is 4 kcal, and 1 gram of fat is 9 kcal, in this way you should divide the appropriate values. As a result, we get 98 g of protein, 41 g of fat and 234 g of carbohydrates.

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