After all, I will not eat what I like so much. I am finally on reduction, I should stick to the diet. I am completely pumped out, without energy, on the edge of mental strength – but I will not give up, I’m not soft! Well, but there are a few days left, only two weeks and an end! In the end, I eat a lot and only what I want – and I will eat like that for a week. In the end, I deserve it!

Is not this a vicious circle?
Probably you often met with such thinking – when a friend or someone from the family was slimming down or you yourself were struggling with the diet. In my opinion, this is the worst scenario we could come across. Why? What is this life with such thinking? We torture ourselves inhumanly, holding on to what we believe we want (the pursuit of form), to which we have chosen a road that does not quite convince us (a draconian diet that does not taste good), and as a result we start to hate a good way of eating. it is connected with sport, we also stop to enjoy physical activity, we lose all the joy of practicing it. Of course, I want to emphasize this clearly, I am talking about recreation here – in no way, I WOULD NOT REPRESENT HERE ABOUT PROFESSIONALS. By virtue of professional sports or professional closeness, one must always accept the path of sacrifices and hard work necessary to achieve the goal!
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Enthusiasts, be on your guard
In that case, what should it look like in a regular bread eater, passionate sports fanatic? Yes, as I wrote … We claim that we have the character and nerves of steel, because …? Because we are trying to separate ourselves from others through pseudo eating habits? (I used the pseudo word here, because they are so!) We accept our habits, we are convinced of their positive – and pseudo habits are a torment and a forced choice, quite undesirable and intolerable by us). Everyone around you will hear from us that this is a lifestyle, but we curse our fate in our minds – and expect results? One day, the gob of bitterness will overflow – an unexpected attack of bulimia. We load a lot of food, like little monsters. One day passes, then another … The form worked went … graze, we are very happy with food, which we forbade earlier, we are sobbing because we are overzealous, we cry over the loss of form, and also because it turned out that our will is not silna nie jest /

Well, we lost sense … Why do I brand it – after all, I’m all the time trumpeting about this lifestyle (sports, healthy eating, fitness)? Because I was sitting in it myself, I was lost due to excessive cozaczenie, I kept holding Mr. medal Universe, eating like a fool and relieving myself that I can – and at the same time terribly nervous about myself. I came to a state when I was pissed off at myself and at the same time did not know what to do next.

Success or failure?
Today, when I do not live for the sport itself, but rather stick to the broadly understood sporting lifestyle, I lead a lot of people – and I realize that 95% of them can think as I wrote above and experience such cases. My goal as a guide and trainer is to prevent something like that! I am not authorized to demolish someone’s vision of the splendor of the sport, because I just wanted to throw in his Cossack metamorphosis! Well, but what later? I do not care, take whatever you want, the photo goes and everything is ok – I have another success on the coaching account, the client has made a goal … And the day comes when you lose everything, stuffing everything you found in the kitchen …
Is that what you want to call a success? MY DEAR, AGAINST THEIR, IS THE WORST THREAT, AS YOU CAN IMAGINE IN SPORT !!! Thus, if I am talking about diet (or rather about the nutritional plan), I always focus on habits, dietary preferences, satisfaction and joy, choosing products (all of course with my head) so that they are something naturally accepted, not with reluctance and forcing. Then I’m convinced that we do something with pleasure, we put our heart into it – and that’s what a great lifestyle! This, and not torturing yourself, choosing a type of path through the corpses to the goal, and then I will think about it.

Oh, no, this road is going nowhere. That’s not the point … I wrote it on Sunday morning. Today in the plan a great day full of excitement – at least 10 series of dead strings, i.e. heavy lifting, work on the back muscles, but also a caloric charge, carried out consciously due to Sunday and according to the assumptions of my diet. That’s what I like! This is a lifestyle that will not change, because it is supposed to not bother me, and even more wind up – because it lacks the extremes that confuse me in the brain)
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