As the “beach season” approaches and we focus more and more on the sculpting of our muscles and on the correcting of the normal abdominal musculature, I decided to write in short what to do in July, our belly resembles a six-pack appearance. 


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To achieve this, you have to put in a lot of effort, everyone who claims otherwise definitely wants to sell you something (see gym-fitness ads and other similar). Three things will be needed to achieve our goal 

1. Strength training 

2. Aerobic training 

3. The right diet 

Muscle building does not make much sense when the muscles can not be seen even under a thin layer of fat. There is also no point in following the advice below if you have never exercised abdominal muscles (for beginners) in your life. To get a flat stomach in the shape of a radiator you must at least “feel your abdominal muscles and only aim to reduce our fat tissue to 5-7% of body weight, because then we will achieve our goal. I will now try to discuss 3 components that are necessary for this 


1. Strength training 

You need to spend much more effort on your stomach muscles than on other muscle groups. Some people think that they need to be practiced every day and they have the most reasons. We practice every time 3-4 exercises in a total of 12 series. In each series we perform from 20 to 50 repetitions depending on the difficulty of the exercise. The most important, however, is not quantity but quality. Remember the maximum strapping in the key phase of the movement. The sign that the exercise was done correctly is the feeling of “burning the guts. Breaks between sets should not be longer than 30 seconds and between exercises up to 45 seconds. Remember that the training does not last longer than 25 minutes. 3 of the exercises should be exercises developing the straight muscle and one should develop oblique and intercostal muscles. Good advice for everyone endowed with endomorphic construction (wide hips), we avoid exercises involving side and oblique muscles because they widen the waist, which is not a desirable effect with such a construction. For good, he will write a few exercises that we can do to make our training not monotonous 

– fastening the abdomen in the lying position (for better muscle fatigue you can hold the raised torso for 3-4 seconds or use the weight held behind your head), you can also do short circuit on the bench gradually increasing the angle of inclination. 

– slopes with a rope next to the lift (perfect exercise at the end of each workout) 

– Lifting the legs in the overhang (To avoid “rocking, we stretch the whole body, it is important to keep the repetition rate at the same level throughout the series) 

– Lifting the legs and hips lying down (we can ask for help from the partner to vigorously push our legs towards the floor and we try to prevent them from striking) 

– Twists with a griffin (a great exercise for oblique muscles, remember that when turning, maximally stretch your abdominal muscles) 

– Side slopes with barbell / slopes for lift (remember to make the move slowly and our back stays straight, the exercise well improves the aesthetics of the oblique abdominal muscles) 

Of course, the given exercises can be modified in any way involving the oblique muscles, but remember to do them accurately and slowly. 

2. Aerobic training 

An element necessary to lose fat and carve the abdominal muscles. Proposes 20 minutes of moderate traffic three times a week. By adding cardio training to your weekly program, we stimulate metabolism which is necessary when limited dietary rations. Every week, add 5 minutes to your workout until you reach 40-45 minutes. The use of the pyramidal method is justified because exercising immediately after 45 minutes, our body adapts and after some time its reactions are not as we would expect. We try to run when sugar reserves of our body are low and it uses fat as a source of energy faster (in the morning, late evening due to the small number of meals consumed at this time) then we can count on our body starting to use fat already after 10 minutes. As the fat reserves of the body decrease, we decrease the length of cardio training. 

3. Diet

Actually in this area everything is clear (increase the amount of protein consumed at the expense of carbohydrates), but let me pay attention to a few details that often escape our attention. If we intend to reduce the amount of calories consumed, we introduce small changes gradually. The system that protects our body from starvation – thyroid – regulates the body’s metabolism. By reducing drastically the amount of calories consumed, we cause that our thyroid will slow down metabolism.


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