The ABS diet, or Abdominal Body System, was created for men, but it proved to be a very effective way for a flat stomach and a slender waist for women.The ABS diet is based on the balance of energy balance.It becomes important to lose fat for building muscle.Only then you can get rid of unnecessary fat if your stomach is not completely empty.Abstaining from food leads to hunger pangs and consequent obesity.And from this is the short distance to overweight and obesity.

ABS diet was created for all those who can not imagine sucking in a hole or feeding on greens or bran.Because real gourmets can not imagine a few things giving up sex, not having access to the internet and … slimming down.The first two things can be dealt with in a simple way, while staying on a diet often turns out to be a barrier that can not be overcome.


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What’s going on in the ABS diet – principles

The ABS diet (from the Abdominal Body System) was invented by David Zinchenko, editor-in-chief of the Men’s Health monthly, a popular magazine about healthy lifestyle for men.He decided that the principle that most dieters favor, i.e. eat less, does not work for men who dream of a beautiful musculature.That’s why he put not so much on caloric restrictions as on products that support muscle building and accelerate the burning of energy reserves.The ABS diet is a six-week diet program that women can also use.Its main purpose is a flat stomach, but the entire body gains a general form, well-being and fitness.Excess fat also disappears from other problem areas.

If you want to lose weight according to the guidelines of an American editor, you should choose products from 12 nutritional groups that have been developed for the needs of the ABS diet (detailed list below).The ABS diet recommends a maximum reduction of processed carbohydrates (white bread, sweets), saturated fats (fatty animal products), trans fats (dairy margarines and confectionery that contain them, e.g. crisp biscuits), alcohol and corn syrup.So it can be boldly considered as a health-beneficial diet that provides the body with all the necessary nutrients.By using the diet once a week, you can afford one meal that does not meet the requirements of an ABS diet.There is a lot of valuable protein in the menu – minimum 2 g per kilogram of body mass in men and slightly less in women, which speeds up metabolism and building processes, but without renal burden, as is the case with high-protein diets (eg in the Dukan diet).


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ABS diet 6 meals a day

The first and basic principle of the ABS diet speaks of 6 regular meals during the day – 3 main and 3 small snacks.This frequency – we eat properly every 2 hours – is to provide a feeling of fullness.It is not about limiting food, but about proper energy balance.Zinchenko refers here to the research of scientists from Georgia State University.They have developed a technique for hourly measuring the energy balance.Thanks to this, it is possible to determine how many calories we eat within an hour are burned at the same time.It turned out that if the surplus delivered or the deficit of calories burned remained within 300-500 kcal, then there are the greatest chances of getting rid of excess fat.In turn, the greater the disturbance of the energy balance, the greater the overweight.

According to the guidelines of the ABS diet, a large amount of meals during the day has to be balanced.Zinchenko argues that only then will manage to get rid of unnecessary fat, if our stomach will not be completely empty.Starving and detaining only leads to unrestrained hunger and bingeing.The cocktails will certainly help to relieve the appetite.Zinchenko praises, therefore, mixes based on low-fat yogurt, skim milk, buttermilk, combined with fruit, ice or vegetables.Appropriately composed cocktails can act as healthy and low-calorie snacks, but they can also replace a wholesome meal.


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