Today we will deal with aerobic training. Aerobic (aerobic) training is one of the most popular movement forms to help us burn fat. Below you will find everything you need to know about aerobics. He supports weight loss best when strength training is done before him. 


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1. What can we call aerobic training? 

In the simplest terms, aerobic training is defined as training, aimed at burning body fat with the participation of oxygen changes taking place in the body. This means that the energy needed for the effort is obtained in the process of oxygen combustion. In the course of physical activity, blood keeps up with the current supply of oxygen to the muscles, while the body itself extracts energy from the burning of fats and proteins. That is why it is one of the best movement forms, thanks to which unnecessary kilograms will be shed. Also learn what cardio training is all about. 

2. What is the role of aerobic training? 

Aerobic training is primarily one of the ways to reduce unnecessary ballast in the form of subcutaneous fat. Nevertheless, it still fulfills additional roles. With the help of aerobic training, the cardiovascular system will improve, strengthen the heart, improve the condition, and all this will positively affect your health. 

3. The right intensity of aerobics 

Determining the appropriate intensity of training can cause considerable problems, especially for beginners. Fortunately, it looks so bad at first glance. 


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