Aeroby is the common name of aerobic training, which is considered the best form of fat burning. In the process, we work at about 60-65% of the maximum heart rate, which makes the body use the accumulated fat in the tissues to obtain energy at an express rate. Importantly, these exercises can be performed longer because they are not very tiring and do not cause shortness of breath. 


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What are the aerobics? 

For aerobic exercises, you can include those that you can do outdoors, but also a lot of activities that you can easily do at the gym or at home. Belong to them 




march and marszobieg 


skipping on a skipping rope 

walking up the stairs 

cross trainer 



aerobics and its varieties (eg aqua aerobics) 


During aerobic training, you provide the muscles with the maximum amount of oxygen that is necessary to start the process of fat burning – that’s why its name ( aero means oxygen). 

How often should you do aerobic training? 

If you care about weight loss, aerobics should be performed at least 3-4 times a week for 40-60 minutes. This is the optimal amount that will help you increase your body’s efficiency and at the same time burn lots of calories. Aerobic training also greatly affects the sculpture, which results in the reduction of body circumferences and reduction of cellulite. 

It is worth noting that if the goal of your training is to build muscle mass, aerobics should also be part of it. In this case, it is worth to include such exercises for strength training twice a week. They will increase your metabolism and increase your muscle performance. 

What is worth remembering when doing aerobics? 

The most important thing is to exercise at a level of intensity that will allow you to do the training for no less than 40 minutes. If you are going to run and feel that you are about to be breathless, start marching. In aerobic exercises the most important is the length of its duration, not intensity, as is the case, for example, in interval training. 

Another important aspect is the variety of aerobic exercises. For many people, everyday running seems too boring, so – to counteract monotony – interweave this type of activity, for example, riding a bike or dancing. It does not really matter what exercises you do – the most important is their regularity. It is worth using heart rate equipment for aerobes, for example a watch with a built-in heart rate monitor. Thanks to it you will know in which zone the heart rate is found and when you should reduce the intensity of training, because it is too high. 

If you want to lose weight, aerobics alone are not enough. Equally important is the right diet that will provide all the nutrients! Remember that if you exercise, you absolutely must not starve – this way you will only get health problems. Do not let the aerobic muscles do not come to your head! Instead of experimenting with diets found on the internet, go to an expert who will help you in arranging the optimal menu. We guarantee that after a week your well-being will improve, and exercises will make her have a lot of energy! 

How to calculate the right heart rate for aerobic training? 

There is nothing simpler! The maximum heart rate is 220. To calculate your own, subtract your age from this value. For the 30-year-old it will be 190. The next step is to perform the action 190×0.65 (in the aerobic training we work at 65% of the maximum heart rate). The result is approximately 124 which means that you will get the best results in this zone! Remember that if exercise will be performed below this value, there will be no effective combustion, and if you reach a higher value – training will be focused on increasing endurance and endurance of the body. 


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