Which machine in the fitness club causes the largest amount of calories to be burned? 

The answer seems to be simple – it will be the machine you will use most often and for the longest time! Nothing would come of me if I said that they are oars, for example, if you can not or do not hate to practice them, it all depends on your preferences and preparation, and these are different for everyone. So the only thing that is certain is that the machine you use most often and most intensively will burn the most calories. Below are some comments that can help you find the most suitable machine for you. 


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Treadmill – is a perfect calorie burner, because you use a larger part of your body on it than, for example, a stationary bicycle. In addition, walking and running are such natural activities for most people that they can exercise on the treadmill longer and more intensively than on other equipment without fatigue. A good treadmill should have an adjustable tilt angle to offer different levels of difficulty (very important for HIIT type training). It should also have some cushioning system to reduce the strain on the tendons and joints while running. Most new treadmills have it all, and they still have a heart rate monitor. If your club has only old-style treadmills, be especially careful of those without cushioning. 

A stationary bicycle – a device for people who are overweight and have problems with the joints, or for fans of two pedals. The key to success on the bicycle is the saddle adjustment. You must feel comfortable on it, and at the lowest position of the pedal your leg should still be slightly bent. There are two types of bikes – the first similar to a traditional bicycle, the second is one in which your legs while driving will be directed forward. These second bikes were designed for people with back problems who are less burdened (they still have wider seats instead of saddles). They should also be chosen by pregnant ladies and people who are overweight. 

Steppers – also appear in different varieties, the most popular two-pedal and those that look like a “scrolling set of stairs. The latter allow you to burn more calories because on them you practically lift the weight of your body as on real stairs, which is not the case on ordinary steppers (on them only “pumping up and down). Regardless which device you choose, it is great for aerobics and additionally strengthens legs and buttocks (which, however, does not absolve you from exercising them in the gym). Unfortunately, these devices have one big disadvantage – you can cheat on them! When you lean on the handrails, you do not do this exercise correctly, because it does not take part in it the whole mass of your body. As a result, you do not burn so many calories and the exercise is inefficient which leads to discouragement. The handrail should only be touched lightly to maintain the balance – if you will not be able to exercise for as long as supporting yourself, you will burn the same amount of calories and you will save time. 

Elliptical devices (elliptical and related) – This device has the minimum (least) impact on the tendons and joints, and if it is equipped with a handle, it engages your whole body in the exercise. So it is not surprising that these devices are the favorite for many people starting their adventure with fitness. However, because they tend to involve tendons and joints so little and because of the smoothness of the movement, it’s very easy to overtrain them! In addition, the exercises on them do not significantly improve bone density (especially compared to the treadmill). Practicing on them is always worth changing from time to time to another machine. 

Paddles – they are probably the least popular and many fitness clubs do not have them. It is a pity because they engage the whole body very well. Contrary to popular opinion, they do not only involve hands but also legs. They are safe for joints and tendons and the exercise on them is quite fun. 


Make the most of the machines 

As you can see from the above text, each of the machines has its pros and cons. Each of them engages other muscles – another bike, other treadmill. To avoid overtraining and to get rid of boredom the best, really the best method is to change the machines we use. Even everyday. What’s more, after a few days of exercising on the machines leave them alone and go for a quick walk, run or ride a bicycle ride. Diversity is the key to success and physical fitness. Below are a few tips on maximizing the effects of exercises on machines 

* Change the intensity of training – exercising on the same machine day after day will reduce the effectiveness of training, as well as exercise with the same intensity. Try different porograms available on individual machines. When you feel exhausted after yesterday’s aerobics, make today lighter. For the more experienced in aerobics, the most-recommended thing is interval training – practice at the highest speed for 30-120 seconds, then slow down the pace for a few minutes so that your pulse returns to normal. Repeat such intervals for 20-45 minutes, it will throw your metabolism into a higher gear! Do not forget about warming up and cooling the body. 

* Do not pay attention to the indications of the “calorie burn counter” – let’s say it clearly, none of the machines accurately shows the number of calories you burned. This is because the computers in these devices do not take into account your training, height, often even weight and whether you have eaten breakfast or not, and all of this can affect the burning of calories during exercise. Just try to give everything and know that you burn as much as you can. If after the end of the workout you are sweaty, tired but you feel good, then you have burned enough calories and a dot! 

* Pay attention to programs – a different way of diversifying exercise is to use programs programmed in device computers. There are programs simulating run uphill, interval, for burning fat, preparing for competitions and even those that do not tell you what will happen next. You can also arrange your own program using the manual function – just a bit of creativity. 


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