“Holidays, holidays and after holidays”, but “souvenirs” in the form of additional centimeters and kilograms can be permanent.

With Christmas greed, it happens that it ends only around the New Year. It is connected with the fact that, first, Christmas dishes, including cakes and desserts, are always more than necessary, secondly, after two days of “letting go of the belt”, the mechanisms of controlling hunger and satiety undergo deregulation – among others. dealing with them that appetite in fruit gardens. It becomes a necessity to be able to be on time for what is happening so that it will be closed for a moment … it means that the holidays are over and the time has come for us to cope with the excess baggage gained. The key to balancing is the diet icon.

Focus on unprocessed and filling products
It is the best for organism reset in long-way. And you can prepare for fat loss later! You should eat:

whole eggs,
– chicken honey, pork loin, roast beef,
Nuts and almonds,
– vegetables (it’s hard to eat them yourself, but if you have a meal element, it works great),
– whole-grain products (such as buckwheat),
-citrus fruits,

The mentioned products should be a base of menu. Thanks to this, it will be easier to control appetite. All kinds of sweets, some fried dishes in breadcrumbs, French fries, chips, salted sticks and roasted and salted nuts are products which can be eaten endlessly!. Their presence in the diet makes it difficult to fit in the right amount of energy supply.

Eat less than you need to eat

It is worth trying to count your energy demand and performing a delicate caloric deficit. In this matter, you should keep your sanity! You cannot eat too little or you will constantly feel hungry. I guarantee that the deficit reaching 40 – 50% of the energy demand can not exceed the limit of 10 – 20%. Better steady and slow, or drastic and fast.

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