However, this research does not convince me completely. Why? This is another time when Mr. Danielle Levitt performs an experiment that shows that alcohol after training is not so harmful. The previous time, Levitt proved that drinking alcohol (at a dose of 1.09 g ethanol / kg of lean body mass) after muscle damage exercises has no effect on the pro-inflammatory response or muscle performance of trained women (Study Effect of alcohol after muscle-damaging resistance exercise on muscular performance recovery and inflammatory capacity in women). 


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For now, there is no indication that drinking alcohol after training promoted increases in muscle mass and strength. Perhaps a short-term, one-off abuse of the drink will not hurt the regeneration in terms of muscle power, but it’s not a good thing considering the source of the study. Certainly Levitt did not take into account that alcohol dehydrates, disturbs sleep, disturbs food absorption and has an effect on hormones (eg in the long-term horizon it destroys testosterone levels). That’s enough, because to delete the spirits in the post-workout period. 


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