Apple vinegar is gaining more and more popularity, thanks to certain health-promoting properties that affect not only the functioning of the digestive tract but also the maintenance of slim figure. Thanks to its natural fermentation, it’s a source of vitamin E, potassium and pectin. Let’s take a closer look at his actions and composition.

Table of Contents:

  1. Impact on the body
  2. Apple Vinegar and weight loss
  3. Acidification aid
  4. What vinegar to choose
  5. Apple Vinegar – do it yourself


Impact on the body

Apple vinegar, natural, cloudy, is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals. In its composition we can find: vitamins such as A, B3, C, E; Minerals: copper, potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus; As well as a lot of bioflavonoids and pectin.

As it turns out, apple cider vinegar along with vitamins and minerals composition is able to influence a number of health parameters such as:

  • Elimination of heartburn
  • Support digestion
  • Helping to get rid of constipation
  • Regulation of blood pressure
  • Helping to reduce fat
  • Supporting the appearance of the skin
  • Levelling off unpleasant breath

In addition, drinking honey-flavoured vinegar is able to treat inflammation of the oesophagus and stomach, muscle pain, joints, and throat, and improve digestion.

Apple Vinegar and weight loss

The implementation of vinegar treatment provides measurable benefits in weight management, people struggling with weight problems. This is due to the support for the digestive system, the metabolic rate, the suppression of constipation and the improvement of insulin sensitivity. All these factors, improves the efficient use of nutrients, effectively supports metabolism and fat reduction. Of course the very addition of apple cider to a diet that will still require a number of amendments will not change much.

The cure of drinking vinegar consists in mixing in a glass of water 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar and drinking it 3 times a day, before main meals. Use of this type of method requires consultation with a doctor, as not all people will be able to benefit from this type of daily diet support. People with stomach ulcers should always consult the use of vinegar with their doctor.


Acidification aid

Apple cider vinegar also proves to be a useful tool in the fight against hyperacidity. Heartburn, can be associated with the “oesophageal” oesophageal sphincter, which begins to pass the stomach contents (gastric juices). This gives an unpleasant feeling of burning, which is usually controlled by proton pump inhibitors, advertised cheerfully on television. However, such action can be fatal and deepen the problem. Neutralization of gastric acid will result in even less stimulation of the oesophageal sphincter to work, which can consequently evolve into a reflux. In addition, as research shows, people who abuse anti-depressant products may have potential problems in the future.

The regular “acidification” of the stomach environment, with apple cider, is able to restore normal gastric function, and problems associated with hyperacidity will no longer harass us. The use of this type of treatment is similar to that in the case of weight loss and also requires medical consultation.

What vinegar to choose

When looking for vinegar in supermarkets we come across many mass-produced products, unfortunately they are devoid of several vitamins and healthy compounds. So when you buy vinegar, choose an organic product that has been produced naturally and its consistency is cloudy. The price of such vinegar reaches even 9$ for 500ml, but it’s a guarantee of good investment.

Apple Vinegar – do it yourself

People who like fun in the kitchen can make their own vinegar. Just about 3 lbs of apples, cut into small cubes, pour over cooled boiled water. The amount of water must cover all the apples exactly so that they do not spoil. 3-4 tablespoons of sugar or honey, provides nutrient broth for the apples to ferment. Apples will be fermented for about 4 weeks. The absence of bubbles in the dish means that the vinegar is ready. After this time, we pour the contents through the gauze to the bottles and we have a finished product that we store in a dark and cool place.


Consumption of natural apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. The main ones are associated with digestive support and help to neutralize the unpleasant effects of heartburn. The slimming action of vinegar may prove to be a good support in a balanced diet and workouts that will target fat loss. Remember, however, that you do not overdo the amount of the product you drink, and if in doubt, consult your dietician or doctor.

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