Mobile applications accompany us almost at every step.Some of them provide entertainment, while others are designed to facilitate work and everyday functioning.The latter category includes applications that help in weight loss.It turns out that mobile devices can help achieve the dream of a slim figure.Some useful applications can be downloaded free of charge.


The first of the helpful applications is Libra Weight Manager, which is used for diet planning and weight control.The user determines what weight he wants to get, gives the current weight and height and sets up a diet plan that enables this goal to be achieved.The application has useful functions, such as calculating the BMI index, calorie counting and determining the time at which you can get the expected weight loss.You can show off your progress on social networks.It is also possible to export results and read them in Excel.The application can be downloaded free of charge.The fee is only necessary if the user wants to get rid of the displayed ads.


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You know what you eat

The application You know what you eat is intended for people who are slimming, as well as for everyone who tries to eat healthy food.The food we buy in stores comes from different countries and is often highly processed.There are various supplements in it, and many of them are harmful to health.You know what you eat is an application that allows you to quickly check the ingredients contained in food.You can therefore find out if the product is compatible with your diet.This is an ideal proposition for people who have eliminated certain ingredients from their diet because of their concern for their figure, health or worldview.The application has the function Diet Store, which facilitates the adjustment of the diet to individual needs.There are diets available for people suffering from certain diseases and food intolerances, arranged by experienced dietitians and specialists in the field of food.The application also allows you to arrange your own diet, according to your preferences.Another useful feature is OCR.It is a tool thanks to which it is enough to take a picture of a food product or read its composition to get all the important information about it.The application can be connected to Facebook and share the knowledge gained with friends.


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FatSecret Calorie Counter

Another option for people who are slimming is FastSecret Calorie Counter.As the name suggests, the main purpose of this application is to calculate the energy value of consumed food.However, FastSecret also has other useful features. Just enter information about your weight, age, height and type of work to get help in lowering or increasing your weight.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

As you know, healthy weight loss is a combination of proper diet and physical activity.It is worth paying attention to applications that are useful when practicing sports.The most popular and at the same time one of the best is Endomondo Sports Tracker.It is an application that records information about physical activity.It monitors the training time, the route covered and the number of calories burned.This is possible thanks to the use of GPS and Google maps.The Endomondo Sports Tracker is used primarily by runners, cyclists and people who practice nordig walking, but the app also works well for other sports, for example during gym workouts.Endomondo Sports Tracker users can communicate with each other.The application allows you to share your achievements and observe your friends.It is possible to take challenges given by friends and present results on social networking sites.

Rainer Workout

Noteworthy is the Workout Rainer app, which acts as a personal trainer.This tool, which presents the correct way to do exercises, counts the second to the end of the series, informs you about the start and end time of the break.During the exercise, the user hears the voice of a teacher who gives such commands as a trainer.The application offers a variety of exercises and training programs.In the free version you can only use some of them.Training with Rainer Workout requires an Internet connection.

This is only part of the application that can help you get rid of excessive kilos.It is worth recommending in particular those people who are not satisfied with the effects of weight loss and want to find out what mistakes they make.Thanks to such programs, it is easier to control both the diet, as well as the course and efficiency of training.


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