You are overweight or obese, and the doctor from the health clinic pretends not to notice it, downplays your illness, or recommends that you lose weight yourself?
There is no right to behave like that. We suggest what you can expect from a primary care physician if you want to treat obesity. 


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Obesity is a complicated chronic disease, and it is caused by many metabolic, environmental, psychological, hormonal and genetic factors. The World Health Organization (WHO) has entered obesity under the E66 code into the International List of Diseases and Health Problems more than 50 years ago. Obesity is hard to miss. Its symptom is the accumulation of fat in various parts of the body. 

It is the duty of every doctor to treat obesity like any other disease. President of the Polish Society for Obesity Research, tells patients what to expect from a doctor when it comes to diagnosing the causes and the degree of obesity, and then treating it. 

Step 1 

First, the doctor should take measurements with you 

Step 2 

Then the doctor should talk to you about overweight and obesity with you and your family. What topics should be raised? 

Step 3 

Another physician’s action should be ordering or analyzing the results of the following tests 

Step 4 

The final stage of the doctor’s visit is to establish a treatment plan, i.e. developed based on no fight


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