One of the best-known principles of nutrition is eating 5 meals a day at regular intervals.

This principle, however, is treated neglectfully, we explain the lack of time and distraction. The illusory saving of time in fact results in a deficit of energy for action, which means that the activities take us a lot more time, which we lose on attempts to focus attention. 

However, even in the most busy schedule, find time for full-value meals and smaller, equally important snacks. The latter are often underestimated, we treat it only as a quick riposte for a sudden attack of hunger. Meanwhile, they can not only satisfy sudden hunger, but above all, supplement the nutritional values ​​we need for proper functioning. 

Usually we eat more than once during the day, in the perspective of a week or a month of these small meals there are several dozen. It is important, therefore, that the snacks are of high quality, but is it possible in a situation where we have little time and the opening of the croissant seems to be an activity that will take it to us least? Of course! 


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The same time it will take us to clean the apple or open a small package of dried fruit and nuts, which we can find more often at the shop window, in the neighborhood of chocolate bars and other unhealthy snacks. Conversion of a sweet wafer into a handful of salted sunflower seeds, fruit salad packets or crunching walnuts instead of chips will further saturate us for longer, prevent wolf hunger attacks, strengthen the body’s functions and provide a large dose of high-quality energy that we do not so often complain about. 

It turns out, however, that contrary to appearances, our snacking is getting better. According to research carried out by Zymetry for Bakalland, fruit and vegetables, yoghurts and dairy products as well as dried fruit are among the top Polish snacking. The latter can work especially in winter, when in our climate the most difficult then is for fresh vegetables and fruits. Although the third and fourth place is filled with salty snacks such as crackers, sticks and chocolate, clearly we are going in the right direction to change eating habits. 

Healthy snacks are not just greens 

Does the snack necessarily mean something unhealthy? Of course not! Regarding childhood, we can remember our mothers and grandmothers who responded to our light hunger by giving us an apple or a peeled carrot. But what if the hunger suddenly comes to us when we can not wash the fruit or peel vegetables? 

Bet on delicacies that will satisfy your increased appetite and the need to munch. They are available and light, so it will be easy for us to form the habit of putting an emergency packet of dried fruits in a bag or backpack. 

Choose your favorite snack not only paying attention to the taste, but also the function. Do you need energy? Choose salted cashew nuts. Big mental effort ahead of you? Lightly roasted salted pumpkin seeds will not only make you happy, but also provide vitamin B1, which will help maintain normal psychological functions, as well as magnesium, which will combat fatigue. We and grandmothers would be proud to see you with such a snack! 

It takes little to make a big change 

Improving your eating habits is easier than you think. Demonizing diets for years has taught us a negative approach to healthy products. In fact, high-value products can be as tasty as possible! 

The sooner you include more vegetables, fruits, groats, nuts, seeds and whole grains into the diet, the sooner you will feel their beneficial effects on your well-being. Eat regularly, but not overeat. While we try to make the larger meals contain a portion of vegetables, protein, whole grains, it’s easier for us to snap a snack. So do not treat sweets as a response to a whim, instead of a sudden hunger fight a healthy snack, such as a packet of nuts and dried fruits. 

Try the delicious almonds that will help in the proper functioning of the nervous system and provide a large dose of magnesium, iron, copper or folic acid. Healthy products contain not only a whole range of nutritional values, but also a satiating fiber that will provide a feeling of fullness after eating a small portion of the meal. By changing your habits even slightly, you will be surprised how much the quality of your life will improve. Try it! 


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