This program was developed by Major Charls Lewis Armstrong. Armstrong invented this program in order to prepare to break the record in the number of strokes on the stick. 

The program contains everything that leads to physical development in each training plan, i.e. diversification, gradual increase of intensity and regularity. People using this program have reported extraordinary results in less than 6 to 8 weeks. This means that most or even all of them have reached the assumed level of performing a series of 20 repetitions of pull-ups on the stick, if they consistently performed this program. It can not be overlooked that this program is based on regularity. Daily exercise results illustrated in the following paragraphs are the key to achieving and maintaining a level of 20 pull repetitions on the stick. 


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Morning training 

Every morning a series of 3 push-ups should be performed. It has to put in a maximum effort. This is a very important aspect of this program! Pumps are one of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Major Armstrong described his morning training as follows. After waking up, he performs one series of push-ups. Then the morning toilet after whether it performs another series of push-ups, after which one shaves. After shaving, he performs the last series of push-ups. After the series, he takes a shower. 

Morning training should be performed throughout the duration of the training. Most of you will take four weeks to reach the expected number of pulls, you will probably notice that you will inadvertently become addicted to your morning training. If not then you will certainly appreciate the morning shower a little more. I noticed that the morning pushups helped me to ease any painful ailments that appeared during the first weeks of training. It suggests applying this morning workout every morning during this period, making you feel more comfortable during your initial adaptation to the exercise regime. 

Training program 

The heart of the entire program, or pull-up training. I suggest that you do not enter the training of pull-ups no earlier than 2-3 hours after the morning push-ups. The program is carried out five times a week. The schedule provides for workouts from Monday to Friday. It is very important to stop making the pull-ups for two days, Saturday and Sunday. It is even more important that the training is carried out for five days in a row (do not divide days). The obvious thing is that it is more important to perform pull-ups than push-ups. 


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This program was invented mainly in order to improve the result in picking up the pod on the pod. Scavenging is the preferred method, but do whatever you think is right to do as many repetitions as possible to improve your PFT. You can use the trick and snatch until you can do 20 repetitions in both ways. This program involves the quality of the exercises performed, the number of repetitions is a secondary matter. While doing the training, you should focus primarily on the proper technique of exercise. 

Day 1 

5 Series of pull-ups performed for muscle fall. 90 sec. Breaks between series. Do not worry about the number of repetitions. At the beginning you will notice that your number of repetitions has increased in the last two series, but after the time you will jump the number of reps in the first three. 

Day 2 

Day of the pyramid. Begin with 1 repetition, in the next series there will be 2, in the next series. Continue until you burn the series (the previous series made 6 reps, but in the next you managed to perform only 4 – burnt series). Perform one more series with maximum effort. The breaks between the series are 10 sec. 

Day 3 

Perform three training series (about the training series later) with a normal grip (hands or fingers are slightly wider than the shoulders). Breaks 60 sec between series. Then three series of narrow snatch (hands joined together) Also breaks 60 sec. At the end, perform three series with a wide grip. Breaks 60 sec. 

Day 4 

On this day, do as many trainings as possible. Rest 60 sec. Between sets. Do as long as you do not burn the series. Do not exceed 9 series. If you get to 9 try to increase the series by one repetition next week. 

Day 5 

Repeat the training session that seemed the hardest in a given week. This can change every week. You can also try to do pull-ups with the load on that day 


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