Health program “We eat healthy, we have been growing healthy” for 3 years, it supports employees of nurseries and kindergartens and parents in shaping proper eating habits in children to prevent overweight and obesity. 170 nutrition educators of the program have already reached 2,638 branches throughout Poland and conducted workshops for over 13,000 of their employees. To continue the campaign, educators established their own association called Healthy eating, we are growing healthily. 


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Nutritionists of the program “We eat healthy, we grow healthy” and operate in 15 voivodships. So far, they have conducted workshops for 13,214 employees of nurseries and kindergartens, completed 23 818 training hours (which gives 2 years and 262 days) and analyzed 19 800 menus. As a result, 93 percent nurseries and kindergartens that joined the program declared the introduction of changes to their menu beneficial to children’s health. In each visited facility, it was possible to reduce the amount of sugar and salt in the children’s diet. 

Participants of the program, seeing how children accept new products introduced into the menu, believed that it really works! Most of my facilities still fully apply the recommendations proposed to them during the program. One of them became so involved in the promotion of health and nutrition education that she joined the program of the Silesian Network of Nursery and Health Promoting Schools. As of today, Nursery No. 50 from Sosnowiec is the only kindergarten in the country applying for a national certificate – says  one of the nutrition educators. 

Nutritionists involved in the program emphasize that thanks to it, they had the opportunity for free training, and could also convert theoretical knowledge from studies into practice. 

One of the educators, sums up – Thanks to the program “We eat healthy, we grow healthy”, focus on quality and moderation, but also on continuous development. I know how important shopping planning is, but it’s only half the battle. Co-creating meals with children is equally important. I managed to create a project of practical classes for primary school children, through which we include them in cooking. The program inspired to create a place for children and parents, in which they can develop their culinary passions. There are many more such projects started by educators. 

Despite many educational actions regarding proper nutrition in the first years of life, the number of overweight and obese children in our country is growing. The work of nutritional educators is still needed. Therefore, the Association of Food Educators was established. “We eat healthy and grow healthy”, which brings together professional nutritionists specializing in child nutrition. The Association’s specialists work with parents and grandparents, children and the staff of nursery and pre-school institutions. 

Our educators analyze menus, propose changes, teach how to prepare healthy meals, how to adjust the diet to the needs and situations, how to take care of yourself. They run culinary and educational workshops, prepare educational materials. They also work with orphanages, in toddler clubs, community centers and community centers. We are everywhere where nutritional education is needed – says mrs from the board of the Association. 

Thanks to the activities of the Healthy Eating program, we are growing 121 000 Polish children healthier, and thanks to that – it is growing healthier. This number will grow from year to year – thanks to the activities of the Association. In March 2018, the Association also raised funds for the development of an innovative Project for the certification of cribs and kindergartens in the field of nutrition in Poland. 


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