When winter frosts are coming, we all gladly give up salads and move on a slightly calorific diet. This is a time when it can be difficult to maintain a vegetarian diet – naturally lighter and less oily than a meat menu. We go with the help of your silhouette and present you with four simple ideas on how to satisfy autumn hunger with the help of only vegetarian ingredients.

Eggplant with yogurt and sesame seeds

Eggplant is rarely eaten with yogurt, but it is a mistake that every vegetarian should quickly fix. Lightly sour yogurt blends perfectly with the subtle aroma of grilled aubergine. A bit of fresh zucchini cut into thin strips, a few feathers of red onion and roasted sesame seeds on top. Also avocado, hummus and a bit of feta, served with a few slices of baked bread, perfectly fit into this set.

Sandwich with rucola, mushrooms, egg and goat’s cheese

This will not be a simple vegetarian low-calorie sandwich. This is a real turbo sandwich. Place the rocket on the bottom and place a thick patch of goat’s cheese on it, a few slices of grilled mushrooms and a hard-boiled egg. Delicious, healthy and caloric, which in this case is exceptionally an advantage.

Cauliflower soup with caraway seeds

The basis of this delicious autumn soup is cauliflower purée. Cauliflower, along with onions, potatoes and cumin, first fry in olive oil in a large pot, then add vegetable broth and bring to a boil. After mixing, it is worth to thicken the whole with yogurt, and then you can enjoy the rich taste of filling, aromatic soup.

Tofu sandwich

You probably never ate it like that? It’s time to try it! It is worth before to marinate tofu in a coating with soy sauce, wine vinegar, sesame oil and garlic. After an hour in the fridge, just put them on a slice of wholemeal bread and cover with fresh vegetables and a touch of mayonnaise. Pride – you will see

Do you know that over a million Poles are vegetarians?

According to a survey carried out by the Homo Homini Public Opinion Research Institute, over one million adult Poles (3.2%) are vegetarians. Among the respondents who admit to using a vegetarian diet, women dominate (8.9%). A large part of vegetarians are young people up to 24 years old (9.8%) and people with secondary education (8.9%). The study showed that there is a large group of people (3.7%) who strive to be vegetarians and admits that occasionally eats fish and meat. About half a million Poles (1.6%) use a lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, meaning they do not eat meat and fish, which they replace with eggs, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. The same percentage of people use the vegan diet and only consume plant products.

The autumn kitchen is not only very aromatic but also warming. We hope you will enjoy these dishes, thanks to which your cloudy autumn days will become much more colorful and full of health.

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