Here is a simple set of rules for the design of back training in a splice that assumes their training once a week, and as once a week it means that the training is rather strong 


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* always start with a deadlift – do not even think that the MC is the exercise on the extensor – this exercise on the whole back, I could write a whole litany of arguments why should be the first exercise in this training … but this is a material for a separate article .. only the basic rule instructs first-person exercises with the largest mobilization of motor units, except if you are “fresh” – the less chance of distraction during MC 

low number of retests, for most practitioners I would suggest 5x5p 

more on this topic 


Please remember that DEADLIFT has several varieties and basically it can be any of them 


* second exercise – pulling on the rod or simulating it by pulling off the top of the lift. Exercise from this group is a complement to the deadlift, despite the fact that the deadlift involves the widest back, but it may not be enough to build a proportionally broad back 


the version is optional for color 

there is also no requirement to perform a full subjection on rod, there can be chinks if the weight of the body is too high in relation to strength, and in no way such repetitions are worse than full 

I will add that after MC, in a strong range of repetitions, motor units are already strongly stimulated and pulling on the rod may paradoxically be easier, which is probably not observed after many MC reps 

* The third exercise – some version of rowing – rowing is something between a deadlift and a pull on the rod – it engages both back muscles (like MC) at the same time concentric motion is attracted (like the podc ​​in the thread) 

made as a third in the order uses the effect of pre-fatigue of the widest back and shoulders with “refreshed rectifiers which makes it easier to hold your back straight 

as the movement is not long-range, the number of repetitions should increase, which does not mean that it is not a strong exercise (potentially the foreground), but as we have to reconcile many exercises this place fits the most. The tendency to cheat is much bigger than in the MC or drawback, but the performance of the paddle after a fatigue reduces the tendency to “exaggerate” 

I recommend rowing a single-person made on a poland, the movement must be dynamic, with a mega blades, the elbow should not go back behind the back lines because then the muscle of the widest back muscles stops and almost all the work in the shoulder joint takes over the back shoulder (ie in the end of the movement) 

Yes, I am an enemy of pedantic attempts to isolate the very movement of the hand 

just as I am the enemy of the “cat’s back 

The main role of the rowing team is to fill the gap between the blades 

and at least in my case it is the exercise that improves the overall width of the back and their overall ‘muscularity’ 

in this system I would suggest quite a high but still “mass number of reps, or 8-15, e.g. made in series 8-8-8-12-15, where 

8-8-8 (increasing weight) – 12-15p (decreasing weight / regression) 

more about rowing 

further training for Harcorowcow 



Duplicated hoarding 

just give me some version of the podcast on the tick, after three exercises, however, I would suggest an upper lift even if you are a strong and durable player, but this time the number of repetitions is 15, 3 series should start the case 


Mirrored rowing 

– again, I recommend the lift, so much with the bottom, paddling, if the first paddling was a single-handed version, or the rowing of a single-handed woman if in the main paddling there was a version of the observer 

15-20 retakes in the series, 2-3 series with a regular extension of the blades 


moving the dumbbell with the head lying 

– commonly considered for exercising on the chest, but the main works are the most extensive here, and after the initial fatigue, you will feel them even more 

20-25 repetitions in 2-3 series will cause that you will not be able to touch the ribs with ribbons 


lifting the trunk from the precipitation 

2-3 series of 25 repetitions, preferably putting the dumbbells in your hands 


shrugsy … basically made in MC time, so much isometrically, if you have a strong movement, “one-thousand-kilo jersey, you can do a single shrug in one repetition of a barbell, it guarantees a better hood stimulation for the sky” 


but if you like to do them “lightly do one series on 100 rebars of dumbbells or try to go with them 100 meters” so-called farmer’s walk 


you will die, but you will rise, and if you rise, you will go for a deserved post-workout meal … and if you do not have a wolf appetite after such training it’s probably time for a week break 


an example of a PARISH-dead plan, finished with a 5 × 5 rag 

– pulling on the hook with a snap with a load of 4 * 8 

– single-masted barbell 8-8-8-12-15 

– pump set for hardcovers but after 1 series 



-bright string from the stand or sumo 5 * 5 

– pulling on the stick with a 4 * 8 cage, slow lowering 

-smiling with barbells 8-8-8-12-15 

– pump set for hardcore fans after 2-3 series 

exemplary weekly division4 daysD1 bars, bic 

D2 legs 

D4 chest, triceps

D5 back 

3 days 

D1 front bars, legs 

D3 klata, side bars between series on klate, superserie biceps + triceps 

D5 rear bars (as a warm up for the back), back


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