Although marketing studies show that the necessary element of activities aimed at accelerating post-workout recovery is the intake of a preparation containing an appropriate carbohydrate mixture, many people reach the post-workout period for conventional foods, such as starch products or some fruits such as bananas. 


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However, such practice is commonly perceived as unprofessional, because the conviction that only the adoption of a properly designed nutrient is able to provide quick access to the necessary nutrients to the muscle cells is confirmed. Is this belief right? Can a common banana be a valuable ingredient for a post-workout meal? 

Banana belongs to quite calorific fruits, in the edible parts of the product there are per 100g of about 20 – 25 g of carbohydrates and trace amounts of protein and fat. Considering that medium-sized skinless banana weighs about 150g, it turns out that one piece of this fruit can provide a solid portion of carbohydrates, inducing the desired hormonal response and allowing the creation of proper conditions for the proper course of muscle tissue regeneration and renewal of energy reserves. 


Banana is the source of glucose, fructose, sucrose and starch. The proportions between individual sugars depend on the maturity of the fruit, the more green – the more complex carbohydrates are, and the more yellow or brown – the more mono- and disaccharides. During the post-workout time, ripe (not necessarily brown) bananas will perform very well, in green because a significant part of carbohydrates is resistant starch not very desirable during the post-workout period


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