Like many manufacturers – so many recommendations on the use of suplements and nutrients. What exactly do different forms of supplements differ from each other? How to consume supplements to give the best effect? In this topic we will address very often asked questions about supplements and nutrients, especially among new lovers of strength sports.

What is the difference between powder, capsules and tablets?

The capsule is nothing but powder enclosed in a shell. It is safe to say that it does not differ in anything but an additional coating – a coating that dissolves instantaneously in the stomach. The capsule is a much more convenient form, especially if you should consume the supplement outside the home. The tablet, on the other hand, is a compressed powder that requires slightly more time for complete dissolution. Of course, this does not affect the quality of the product in any way. What will be the best choice? Looking at the effects – there is no difference. Looking at the wallet – the best solution will be powder. However, if you prefer comfort, you have to pay a little extra.

With what amount of water do we mix a given supplement / conditioner?

Protein supplement. Depending on the intensity of taste which we prefer, the amount of water may vary. If you prefer an intense taste – a smaller amount will be more desirable (around 200ml / serving). Analogously with the weaker taste of sheikh (about 400ml / portion).
Carbohydrate – protein nutrient (gainer). The amount of water should be much higher than in the case of protein supplements. This is not related to the taste values. Gainer nutrients contain a lot of carbohydrates and nutrients. It has been assumed that a minimum of 500ml of water should be allocated for a 100gram gainer. A small amount of water can cause heartburn.
Amino acids. 10ml of water is enough for a portion of 10grams of water
Pre-workout nutrients. Just like amino acids, for a 10 gram portion, 150-200ml of water is enough.
Creatine strains. A 10 gram portion requires about 200ml of water.

How much time after mixing should you drink a supplement or conditioner?

A lot depends on what kind of supplement or conditioner you prepare. As for protein or carbohydrate-protein nutrients, they should be consumed in a small time lag from the moment of preparation. If you have ever forgotten to clean the shaker after eating nutrients, then you know that the smell that rises from the interior after a few hours is not pleasant, and the Szejker is only suitable for throwing away. Therefore, to avoid a “revolution” in the stomach should be drunk a maximum of 30 minutes after its preparation. The exception are carbohydrates themselves, which can wait much longer until they are consumed (even a few hours).

So what’s the case with supplements? It all depends on the type of supplement. For example – amino acids can be consumed even 2-3 hours after their preparation. A very common phenomenon is their consumption during training. Creatine, however, loses its properties if longer time is left in the water. Therefore, it is recommended to drink the keratin sheikh immediately after preparation. Similarly with pre-workout nutrients.

How to deal with the unpleasant taste of supplements?

If you do not like the taste of supplements prepared in the form of a sheikh, you can always use the “pour and drink” method. Sieve the measure of the supplement, and drink it with the required amount of water. This method has two pluses. First of all – you almost do not feel the taste of the supplement, and secondly – you do not waste time preparing the sheikh. The effect of the preparation will be the same as if the powder was diluted in water. If this method is not suitable for you – you can always mix a pre-workout or a creatine stack with a portion of carbohydrates (Carbo or Vitargo) that have a very intense taste.

What is the result of the deposition of amino acids on the walls of a shaker / glass?

This is due to incorrect mixing of amino acids. Amino acids should be mixed, not beaten, as in the case of protein or carbohydrate-protein nutrients. The foam remaining on the walls of the shaker is the result of a high content of leucine in good quality amino acids. If, on the other hand, the foam continues to run despite proper mixing, do not worry. The effect of consumption of this form of the supplement will be the same.

Should everyone eat the same portions of supplements / nutrients?

It all depends on the individual needs of the body for a given supplement to the diet. If the recommended dosage is on the packaging, it is only the proposed amount, never perfect. A very simple example – many pre-workout supplements have a dosage of 5 – 15 grams per serving. This means that the manufacturer recommends such consumption, but it does not guarantee what quantity will be ideal for you. One person will be better at 5 grams than on another 15 grams. Always start with the lowest dose proposed by the manufacturer and check the effects.

The situation with nutrients is slightly different. It is known that they serve as a supplement to the diet, which means that you consume the amount you need to even out the level of a given macro-nutrient in your own diet. The most commonly used supplements are protein supplements due to the body’s higher demand for protein by enthusiasts of strength training.

Why do different manufacturers recommend different portions of supplements / nutrients?

In the case of protein and carbohydrate-protein nutrients, this is crucial. Let’s take two nutrients under the microscope. The first one in a serving contains 30grams of protein, while the second one only contains 25grams. As if the first choice is a better solution, however, pay attention to the size of the portion. The first manufacturer offers a 40gram portion and the second 30gram. This means that the percentage of protein in the products is different. The first one is 75% and in the second it is 83%. The roles have reversed. In most cases, different portions are created to fool the buyer. Always check the percentage of given ingredients!

Looking at supplements – most recommendations are a real reflection of the body’s needs for a given ingredient. However, do not think that the more you consume, the better results you will achieve. An overdose of supplements may involve too tightly loaded internal organs, which you do not want to experience. The body will use only the amount it requires, the rest spent.

Is it worth to increase the amount of the preparation consumed at the beginning of supplementation?

Until recently, the saturation phase was a very popular form of starting the keratin cycle. It was associated with an increased amount of supplement consumed by the initial period of supplementation, which was to translate into increased effects of creatine. Of course, this was only and exclusively marketing the companies producing supplements to speed up the consumption of the packaging, and hence – the purchase of another. Fortunately, many studies have confirmed that this theory does not make much sense.

Remember – working on your own figure is a marathon and not a sprint. If a supplement is to help you, it will definitely help you. Do not clutter up your body unnecessarily with multiple doses of supplements to improve their performance. Be patient and you will definitely achieve the goal.

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