The use of complex exercises, which are also based on the body weight of a woman training, is a great way to lose a significant amount of body fat. The following exercises can be used in an interval form, which significantly increases the amount of oxygen used by our organism, which effectively translates into a greater amount of fat burned in our body.

What exercises can be used to change the figure without training equipment?

1. Burpee
It is an exercise that every athlete hates because he uses practically every muscle of our body, and a dozen or so repetitions make our blood practically reach everywhere on the perimeter of our body when the lungs start to demand oxygen. Burpees not only supports the upper part of the body, where we use the moment of the push-up, but also supports thighs, back thighs and buttocks. This type of exercise is ideally suited for tabata type interval training or for more complex forms of anaerobic exercise. Perform 10 burpees at a fast pace and you’ll see what is being said.

2. Swings
Kettlebells are unmatched when it comes to ingenuity as well as the functionality of using training equipment. One of the moves perfectly suited to a woman’s training is swing. Execution of the movement consists in the load being lifted by the force of the hips in front of you, which perfectly uses the strength of the buttocks and thigh muscles. Swing can be an addition to leg training, or be a separate training element, as an interval training. Research has shown that the use of swing alone allows you to increase efficiency by up to 12%.

3. Squat Jumps
The biggest advantage of jumping with a squat is that you do not even need too much floor space to do it. They are a great alternative to field training, when traveling, where we do not intend to take a pair of dumbbells on the plane. When we take the fancy to get a little tired, just jump. Performing squat jump should be an element of leg training as a good warm-up before proper training. You will feel strong burning in the muscles and at the same time you will feel that your lungs are starting to work hard and your heart is pumping blood into circulation. This makes jumps a good part of interval training aimed at reducing fat.

4. Plyometric pumps
Execution of plyometric pumps requires a training level at the level that will allow you to use the weight of the body to perform a classic push-up. This is an exercise mainly developing the strength and dynamics of the upper torso, and differs from the classic pump in that we make a strong dynamic push away from the floor with which we lose contact. Exercise is also ideal for improving the upper body parts of the body. There is a possibility to try a women’s plyo push-up, but you have to watch out for knee positions so that they do not overload them when changing the plane.

5. Lunge jumps
Every woman known strides, as they are usually included in the training plans of all women and men as part of the leg training. Here we use once again the dynamics, where we jump from the starting position to the ground, in the flight phase changing the limb. Typically, the training technique is not a problem here, and after a few changes of the limbs, we continue the exercise mechanically. It is important to master the balance that will allow us to effectively use muscle strength so as not to resist overloading on the joints. Also remember to keep the torso upright.

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