Fat burners, calorie burners, thermogenics or other measures to lose weight – however they are defined, it should be noted that they are all dietary supplements. Supplements, so additives to a diet and physical activity, which we should take “to lose a few kilos”. In other words, forget about it, and let us not be convinced that their use unsupported by a proper diet and exercises, will bring us desired results.


Even nourishing and exercising properly, it is not enough to just use them. Before we decide to take them, we should make a proper selection of them, which has lead us to choose the optimal solution for us in terms of supplementation.

Rankings like our are very helpful in this case – and especially our, because mentioned here fat burners and thermogenic are characterized by the highest efficiency, and added value in the form of additional properties, which have been confirmed during studies, as well as so called field-testing and feedback, which are based on users opinions.

Our ranking is made up of several categories, including the one that should be treated with a special attention, due to the fact that it was created for consumers who prefer to work in an optimal way. We are talking about the best sets and thermogenic fat burners, which applied at the same time, guarantee to achieve an intended goal.


The best thermogenics – the ranking

In this category are included the best supplemenst on the thermogenic market nowadays, so substances which increase the burning of fat in the body. Their name comes from thermogenesis, which is the process of burning fat.

1. OxyMax XT http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/performax-oxymax-xt-60-caps.html

OxyMax XT is one of the most effective formulations in the market. Extremely effective fat burning is not its only advantage. Because using it, beyond the loss of excess weight, you can count also on a reduction in a physical and mental fatigue, as well as in increase the level of dopamine (so called hormone of happiness responsible for our well-being) and energy.


  1.  Cannibal Inferno http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/chaos-and-pain-cannibal-inferno-90-caps.html

Cannibal Inferno by Chaos & Pain reduces fat extremely effectively and also helps to recover energy, increase your resting metabolism and burn more calories, so it becomes possible to recover the optimal body weight. This product has been designed to destroy fat cells, supporting weight loss process. His outstanding performance owes on content of strong yet fully secure burning fat ingredients, but also those that work energetically.


  1. GAT Jet Fuel Superburn http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/gat-jet-fuel-superburn-120-caps.html

GAT Jet Fuel Superburn was based on a modern technology Micron RD, which delivers the active ingredients faster than any other burner. Those active ingredients are less than 20 microns, which makes this product not only very effective, but it also gets to hidden deep layers of fat and allows the release of his energy. It also affects these areas of the body with which other burners can not handle.


  1. Phenadrol  http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/genomyx-phenadrol-60-caps.html

Phenadrol is one of the most effective diet supplements on the market, contributing to a reduction in body fat. It has unique features inhibiting appetite and increasing energy levels. As one of the few burners on the market it also shows the potential of cleansing the body of toxins and harmful metabolites.


  1. Tight http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/san-tight-original-60-caps.html

Tight is a world class fat burner. It contaisn compounds, which support the reduction of body weight in the most effective way, but maintaining muscle mass and strength at the same time.


  1. Lipodrene   http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/hi-tech-pharmaceuticals-lipodrene-100-tab.html

Lipodrene is a product based on the most effective ingredients that help accelerate fat burning, reduce appetite, add energy and significantly speed up metabolism.



Other burners, remarkable for its valuable additional properties – the ranking


  1. DCP http://www.muscle-zone.com/non-stimulant-fat-burners/bps-dcp-2-0-180-caps.html

DCP 2.0 is a revolutionary fat burner, which does not contain any stimulants or substances which increase blood pressure. It is based exclusively on clinically tested ingredients for multifaceted action, showing a positive impact on the reduction of the body fat.


  1. Vanillean  http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/bps-vanillean-90-caps.html

Vanillean is a new generation fat burner of powerful thermogenic properties, which offers an innovative approach to fat loss without stimulants. By targeting the activation of multiple receptors’ temperature control, it causes massive release of fatty acids, which forces the body transformation of fat into energy and heat.


  1. Cannibal Claw http://www.muscle-zone.com/metabolic-regulators/chaos-and-pain-cannibal-claw-60-caps.html

Cannibal Claw is a dietary supplement focused on a comprehensive support for the process of fat burning. It accelerates the work of the thyroid gland, which speeds up the body’s metabolism, which in turn helps to burn more fat.


  1.  Yohimbine   http://www.muscle-zone.com/fat-burners/sns-yohimbine-2-5-100-caps.html

Yohimbine is a dietary supplement designed for people who quickly want to improve the appearance of their silhouette by reducing excess body fat. This product contains the most effective substance burning stubborn fat, and which increases libido at the same time.


  1. Lean FX http://www.muscle-zone.pl/fat-burnery-nie-podnoszace-cisnienia/athletic-xtreme-lean-fx-84-kaps

Lean FX is a formula of the third generation, which reduces cortisol level, supports thyroid and weight loss. It was prepared by using nanotechnology, becoming a scientific blend of fast-acting, breaking down the genetic barriers that prevent the loss of excessive body fat. It speeds up the body’s metabolism, increases the amount of lean body mass, as well as makes you get absolutely exceptional brightness and clarity of thoughts.


  1. Phenolox  http://www.muscle-zone.com/non-stimulant-fat-burners/metabolic-nutrition-phenolox-45-caps.html

Phenolox is a high-quality, gently stimulating supplement accelerating weight loss, which provides the necessary ingredients to support healthy weight loss. It was developed by doctors for people sensitive to stimulants, but who want to lose weight. This product also adds energy.


  1. Brawn Venom http://www.muscle-zone.com/thermogenic-fat-burners/brawn-venom-compact-98g.html

Brawn Venom Complex is a product of the highly successful continuation of the rapidly expanding because of the successful line Venom, but this time dedicated to people who want to get slim and attractive figure as soon as possible. When used during the day, and before workouts, it increases lipose thermogenesis, thereby allowing continuous burning of excessive body fat. Additionally, it protects multiple systems, including the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, which require special protection in the course of intensive reduction.


Other preparations increasing the level of testosterone – the ranking


  1. Alphamax  http://www.muscle-zone.com/testosterone-boosting-blends/performax-alphamax-120-caps.html

Alphamax is another step forward in the optimization of the male hormones. This is not one of these weak testosterone boosters full of small doses of the components, and unsupported by tests. It contains only verified ingredients in effective doses, is thus regarded as the most complete formulation of this type.


  1. AD-3 PCT http://www.muscle-zone.com/pct-post-cycle-therapy/lecheek-nutrition-ad-3-pct-60-caps.html

AD-3 PCT is the best type of Post Cycle Therapy product ever. It comprises, inter alia, with brilliant Armistane, which drastically reduces the level of estrogen, while rapidly increasing the level of natural testosterone. In addition, it exhibits properties of protecting the liver.


  1. Arbuterol  http://www.muscle-zone.com/diuretics/universal-arbuterol-60-tab.html

Arbuterol mainly helps get rid of excess water from the body, located just under the skin, and helps to bring out the sculpture of the body. What is important it is not absorbed in the body. It is possible thanks to the carefully selected ingredients that complement each other.



The best sets reducing body fat – the ranking

1) Oxymax + Lean FX + Alphamax

2) DCP 2.0 + Arbuterol + Lean FX

3) Venom + DCP 2.0 + Cannibal Claw + Alphamax (men) or Arbuterol (women)