The birch – birch juice obtained by deep incision of the trunk or branches in early spring. We are just having a season for this healthy delicacy, which can safely be included in our home-made super food. 

Freshly squeezed birch juice is not the only product with medicinal properties obtained from this tree. Leaves and maturing buds also have them, which makes them a herbal raw material. In this article, however, we will devote all our attention to oskole – birch juice with a beneficial effect not only on the healthy organism. It can be used not only prophylactically, but also therapeutically and for many diseases. 


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It prevents urolithiasis and supports its treatment 

Circulatory helps to prevent kidney stones, because it supports the natural process of cleansing the body of deposits in the urinary tract by acting diuretic. 

It strengthens immunity and improves metabolism 

The birchwood was formerly received only in early spring, when nature was awakening to life. Its natural properties have been used to strengthen immunity and protect against infections, the severity of which falls in the early spring. Birch juice can be obtained independently from the end of February to April. The shelter is particularly recommended for seniors, people in convalescence, including chronic illness, as well as patients prone to colds. 

It cleanses from excess and complements the deficiency 

Excess chlorine and sodium ions are provided to the body in the form of products containing preservatives and flavor enhancers. Fresh birch juice helps to remove them from the body without side effects. The bend is recommended for people suffering from deficiencies, due to its rich nutritional value. Its beneficial effects on health will be felt especially by people suffering from iron, copper or B12 deficiency anemia. 

What does birch juice contain? 

The nutritional value of birch juice is citric and malic acids, resinous compounds and tannins. The juice also contains a number of vitamins (B vitamins) and minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper). In addition, a portion of juice will provide amino acids and other mineral salts. However, it must not be exposed to direct sunlight or temperature, as it is sensitive to 

How to cleanse the body with birch juice? 

If you want to effectively remove toxins from the body, you have to apply birch juice on a regular basis, about 2-3 times a day for at least 14 days for several days. The duration of treatment should be in the range of 2-3 weeks. During the cleansing treatment, the patient should not consume coffee and black tea or alcohol. It is also inadvisable to eat chocolate, sorrel and spinach as well as cold meats. 

You can get Lilac yourself 

The birch (otherwise lilacs) can be obtained by itself, preferably in spring. The tree should be at least 10 years old. Branches intended for juice should have a thickness of about 3-5 cm. To pick the juice you will need a hand drill and tube and a container to collect the juice. Using a manual drill, a hole is made to a depth of about 5 cm. After inserting one end of the tube into the hole, and the other – into the container, we can observe slow flow of the preparation. After about 2 days, about 3 liters are obtained. It is very important to kill the hole with a pin, or smear it with a garden paste, so that the plant tissue regenerates. 

How to store and serve a buckler? 

Birch juice should not be filtered. You need to store it in the refrigerator, but it is best to consume it within 4 days of collection. The shelf life can be extended by adding a small amount of spirits to the slab. If it is not used as part of the intensive treatment described above, just consume it as a drink, prophylactically once a day in an amount of 1/2 to 1 cup. The health benefits of lilac are extraordinary, but its taste values, unfortunately, are not worth adding a small amount of honey or raspberry juice to improve the taste. 

Birch trunk juice and leaf juice – properties 

The birch, or birch trunk juice, is used in folk medicine as an anti-cancer drug, although there is no scientific evidence for such action. Circulatory is also used to relieve rheumatic pains and ailments accompanying stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers. The juice obtained from birch leaves and buds, on the other hand, has antipyretic and analgesic effects. In unconventional medicine, it is used to treat rheumatism and sciatica. The juice of birch leaves, like the birch, works against kidney stones. In addition, due to the high content of antioxidants – both in the birch trunk juice and in the birch leaf juice – they act prophylactically in the field of cardiovascular diseases (eg ischemic heart disease, thrombosis). 

Liquid from birch hubs also against cancer 

Two species of fungi grow on the trunk of the birch – a birch hut or a larch roof. They have a dark, gray – brown color. The liquid obtained from the hubs is diluted with water and then administered to patients suffering from cancer. Although there is no scientific evidence for the anti-cancer effect of birch hubs, there is an improvement in well-being. Birch juice – a birch is not the same as liquid obtained from birch hubs. 

Birch is a treasury of health-promoting compounds 

To sum up – the birch provides not only the juice called a slush (lilac), but also liquid from birch hubs. The health-related properties of all natural properties listed are similar, but not the same. You can get them yourself, but if we do not have a clue about it, or if it is not possible, you should look for a good herbal shop and try out the bugs on your own skin. 


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