Ground coffee helps you lose weight and more precisely – accelerate metabolism, on condition that you don’t add milk, sugar or other ingredients containing carbohydrates (e.g. whipped cream).

In black coffee beans, there is caffeine, antioxidants, chlorogenic acid and phenolic compounds. Drinking black coffee without additives is a basic, but not the only condition of taking advantage of its potential in accelerating metabolism.

Skimmed milk and cinnamon

There is no need to totally quit coffee additives (but it is a worse solution). Cream may be replaced with skimmed milk. Coffee cream is available in the liquid and powdered form. They don’t contain any healthy ingredients, only fats (including trans fats). Skimmed milk (0.5%) provides a small dose of vitamins – A, D, E and minerals (calcium, phosphorus and potassium). The second acceptable coffee additive is cinnamon, which apart from culinary advantages also has pro-health properties related to the content of antioxidants and the ability to regulate sugar level in blood. Cocoa also looks good in pair with coffee. Natural cocoa without sugar contains a lot of antioxidants and positively influences blood pressure, preventing hypertension.

BIO or “normal coffee?

Coffee that is not produced by means of ecological methods predominates on the market. The crops are often fed with fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. The harmful compounds may have similar effect to xenoestrogens, disturbing hormonal balance. Organic coffee (also called BIO coffee, coffee from organic farming) is free from these substances. We leave the choice to consumers.

Fewer calories – fewer kilograms

If you drink black coffee without additives, you don’t provide any calories to the organism. A cup of coffee with two teaspoons of sugar and cream contains ca. 70 kcal. On average, we drink 3 cups of coffee a day, which means additional 210 kcal in our menu. If you start drinking black coffee without sugar or cream, you will reduce your annual calorie intake by ca. 76.650 kcal, which corresponds to 10 kg.

Caffeine supports fat burning

Caffeine may also positively influence the process of weight loss. This natural ingredient increases the pace of thermogenesis, therefore we may burn more calories. However, bear in mind that caffeine won’t cause a thermogenic effect in everybody. Some people will benefit more from the thermogenic potential of caffeine while others less or at all. This was confirmed by studies published in 2010 by the International Journal of Obesity. Therefore, don’t base your weight loss fundaments on coffee, but you can definitely count on its help.

Coffee helps to control weight

There are some scientific proofs that coffee helps to control weight. One of interesting studies was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology in 2015. The study consisted in testing the relation between coffee intake and weight. Scientists concluded that people who drank more coffee were less prone to obesity and diabetes type 2.

Don’t exaggerate with caffeine

Remember that excessively high amounts of caffeine negatively influence health. While small amounts of caffeine may have thermogenic properties, excessively high amounts of this ingredient may cause concentration and sleep disorders, depression and accelerated heart rate. Dieticians and doctors recommend the intake of 2-3 cups of coffee to healthy people.

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