People often wonder what and how bodybuilders eat, that their silhouette looks like the picture. The answer is very simple – they eat the same kind of food as the average healthy eating man. The key to success is the right selection of macronutrients both when building muscle mass and reducing body fat. The bodybuilder’s diet is not fancy dishes, but rather persistence and determination in pursuing the goal.


Bodybuilder diet – what do bodybuilders eat?

A bodybuilder is an athlete who performs above average work. His intense effort involves many needs, not just nutritional ones. Sure, each of you carefully reads the labels of supplements that you buy. On each of them we can see a special inscription “The product is intended for people with increased physical activity”. Through intense effort, bodybuilders knock out many valuable vitamins and minerals from their body, so the time comes that supplementation proves necessary.

However, you should supplement yourself with such nutrients that we really need. We have to be wise in everything. It is also recommended that you consult your decisions with more experienced athletes from the bodybuilding stage or with trainers who are at your disposal during the roster.

In the diet of practically every bodybuilder we will see, among others

BCAA amino acids – a supplement that helps muscle tissue develop properly by supplementing the necessary amino acids,

protein supplements – a supplement that allows you to supplement the amount of protein needed to develop our muscles

protein (proteins) – means macronutrients found in products such as dairy products or meat. It is the basic building block of every living organism. Delivering it in the right amount will allow our muscles to grow, and most importantly, to function properly in the body.

vitamins and minerals – we often do not realize their function and we neglect it. Without vitamins and minerals, we will not be able to train hard, regenerate and develop properly.

creatine – one (in addition to whey protein) from the most popular nutrients on the market. It is the strongest legal anabolic on the market – a measure that affects the development of muscle tissue. It accelerates the development of muscle mass and strength.


Bodybuilder’s diet – the period of building muscle mass and reducing body fat

All bodybuilders have experienced these two periods of building muscle mass and fat reduction (commonly known as “sculpture”) many times. Each one feels which time is heavier or lighter for him. This is a very personal matter for bodybuilders. It’s about attitude and psychological form. Nutrition and eating habits can sometimes ruin the human psyche, despite the excellent physical form. That’s why what is important to remember is both being “sculpted” or “mass” in terms of diet

– the right amount of macronutrients,

– the right amount of calories,

– proper selection of ingredients and supplements,

– a well planned period of preparation.


Bodybuilding diet for fat reduction


Being on “sculpture” we have to focus on consistently reducing the number of calories, doing more intense workouts in terms of number of repetitions and short breaks, etc. Everything is aimed at making the player’s body start to draw energy from backup fats, that is, start a process called lipolysis.

Below I will share my experience and present my diet during the reduction


* initial weight 101 kg – reduction to 91 kg

Supplementation morning magnesium, calcium, potassium, fat burner, a set of vitamins per day

Meal 1 (omelet)

50 g of millet / oat flakes, 10 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, fresh vegetables, protein nutrient 30g

Meal 2

250 g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables 250 g

Meal 3 (before training)

50 g millet groats / rice, 250 g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables 250 g

* pre-workout supplementation – BCAA, burner, pre-workout

Meal 4 (after training)

75 grams of millet groats / rice, 250g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables 250g

* supplementation after training – BCAA, protein-based isolate on water


  1. 250 g chicken breast, pickled vegetables 250 g
  2. 250 g breast in chicken, fresh vegetables 250 g, 40 g peanut butter.

* night supplement – a set of vitamins for the night, ZMA, omega 3, vitamin D.


Pay attention to the food of pickled (unheated) products, protein supplement, which is in the whey protein isolate version and the use of more carbohydrates, or energy during the post-workout period.

The “cardio” training is helpful during the reduction. In many players the form improves from day to day, just when they join such a session. This allows you to achieve a weight limit that is equally important.


Bodybuilder’s diet for muscle mass

The bodybuilder’s diet for muscle mass allows for a more relaxed treatment, including the so-called “Cheat meal” from time to time, which has a positive effect especially on the psyche. But sometimes the amount of food, especially at first, seems to be simply not to be eaten.


My diet during the period of building muscle mass was as follows

* supplementation remains unchanged

Meal 1 (Shake)

On the training day

150g of millet / oat flakes, 150g of fresh fruit, 40g of peanut butter, 40g of protein supplement. We blend and drink everything together.


On a day without training

100 g of millet flakes, 100 g of fresh fruit, 40 g of peanut butter, 40 g of protein supplement.

Meal 2

100 g millet groats / rice / pasta, 250 g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables about 250 g

Meal 3 (Before training)

100 g millet groats / rice / pasta, 250 g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables 250 g

Meal 4 (after training)

400 g potatoes (great for me), 250 g breast in chicken, pickled vegetables 250 g

Meal 5

100 g of millet groats / rice / pasta, 250 g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables

Meal 6

250 g chicken breasts, fresh vegetables, 60 g nut butter.

The mass diet allows definitely more. The period in which we provide relatively large amounts of food makes it possible to perform very heavy training sessions. A bodybuilder, during the building-up period, fights for every gram of muscle.


Bodybuilder diet – summary

As you can see, two diets differ from each other primarily in weight. While building mass, we can afford more variations. It is different when reducing. This is bodybuilding and this is the nature of this sport. One should approach food as one of the most important components of success. The presented diet for sculpture is monotonous. To spice up the meals a bit, it is recommended to use different spices and change the way meals are prepared. Here, above the delicious taste of food, the will to fight for the title of the best bodybuilder in a given category is hidden. A good approach then is to treat food as an element of life, not a reward for hard work.


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