Holism is the view according to which phenomena occurring in our world must be recognized as a whole and organically. It is a theory of development initiated by J. Ch. Smutsa at the beginning of the 20th century, proclaiming that the whole can not be reduced to the sum of parts. Although this theory is nearly 100 years old, it is still a fundamental idea of ​​the body building system or – as we call it in Poland – the bodybuilding system. 


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The young adept of bodybuilding, after reading these first sentences, can of course wince and think that they are again running through it with ideology and, in addition, apply it where it should not be. Showing yourself at the gym and “packing with your friends seems after all an obvious and often repeated activity that does not require any theorizing, let alone adding to it” ideology. Well – I declare with all my strength – that’s not true !!! 

This is the issue that aims to protect you against such an approach and understanding of bodybuilding, which is unfortunately widespread among many “gym hunks”. They are sad relics of gyms, doing homework for servants who focused on resources (training work, exercises, repetitions, etc.), and lost (or worse, never had) vision of the goal they seek. First, you need to know why you take up training, work or other activities, then it is good to explore the secrets of this work and learn how to do it best, in a professional way, with the best benefit to achieve the goal, and only then to start working implementation through deeds (in bodybuilding – exercises). These are not any truisms, and depending on the reader’s taste and the authorities it recognizes, it can be sent to Grzegorz Markowski from the band Perfect, who is just singing in one of the songs for the young generation – “But for what?” Or to the content in “The Treaty of Good Work. Although the list of authors may seem shocking, both of them similarly understand the principles of correct and rational action. 

Try and solidly, systematically and decently approach the issue, and it will certainly pay off. Sadly and somehow I am sorry to see people exercising in the gyms without remembering the goal, meaninglessly repeating the most-elaborate, the most difficult and even the most complicated exercises. Most often, they become objects of not-so-often attacks of undervalued journalists, accusing bodybuilders of narcissism, self-admiration or just packaging. Even our Nobel winner Wisława Szymborska treated the masters in a somewhat ironic way: “apart and crouching in a poem, which we quote in the beginning. 

Although it is usually a prose of the genre “chasing a pot to a pot, always a sense of distaste, sometimes irritation, and sometimes even indignation, remains among people who understand bodybuilding. Unfortunately, if someone seems to be practicing bodybuilding, and understands it as any “packing for exactly unknown goals, then there is nothing to be indignant about” scribes. 

So what is it about bodybuilding that empowers us to be proud of the discipline we cultivate (are we starting to grow), and often even allow it to be put above other sports? Thanks to what we can say. We cultivate the best, most versatile, healthiest and most purposeful discipline? 

We can confidently say so, because the guiding principle in this discipline is formulated at the beginning of bodybuilding by Joe Weider the principle of holistic training. The easiest way would be to bring it closer, saying that for bodybuilding training you have to be versatile, the body should be shaped as a whole, and muscles developed harmoniously. Of course, it would be only a truism again (if I would stop there) and one should not be surprised if the young people just laughed at me. Therefore, with all due respect, let’s take a look at how they treat their own bodies (especially muscles) competitors of other sports. 

It is safe to say that this is a physical treatment, because these players make the body a tool to obtain more or less measurable, but still better results (to increase the length of the throw, jump, fulfill the tactical assumptions of the game, increase the weight or shorten the time) where the distance runs). Often you train your body to use it as a bike, boat, kayak or other “sports machines. 

Each of the sports disciplines shapes your body in a way and, of course, makes it more efficient. However, this is a special efficiency, thanks to which the muscles and body are developed only in terms of effectiveness in their sport. Although every athletic silhouette is nicer from the point of view of aesthetics, and from the point of view of healthier medicine than the silhouette of an old beerman or man sitting in front of the TV, some exaggerations and loss of proportions in the appearance of competitors of particular disciplines can not be avoided. At first glance you can recognize a marathon runner, skater, gymnast, weightlifter or basketball player. The majority of sports disciplines put certain criteria in the recruitment process, without which you can not dream of a great career, or even admission to training. Whoever is determined, determined and wants to become a champion, must start practicing sports in early childhood (as a rule, parents decide then). Despite the declarations on the stage of training, the most often training quickly transforms into a strictly specialized, developing only motor features necessary in a given discipline. Raising the value of motor features to an ever higher level makes the training more and more specialized, and thus one-sided. Strength exercise basically excludes the possibility of maintaining a high level of endurance, and in turn, endurance training is incompatible with shaping speed, etc. Specialist training causes the development of these structures and muscle fibers that are needed and decisive for success in a given competition. By making many simplifications, we can say that in skeletal muscles we have white fibers that are large, strong, fast but not very durable, and red fibers that are small, slow, weak, but resistant to fatigue. 

The use of short-term and strong stimuli will develop white fibers. Weaker incentives, used over a longer period of time and cyclically, will contribute to the development of red fibers, as well as mitochondria – cellular microstructures, in which many important enzymatic processes occur, determining the transformation of carbohydrates and fats and the energy stored in ATP for maximum muscle and expand extensively, you have to subject it to various stimuli. They must be both short-lived and strong as well as weaker, but lasting for a long time. Therefore, both strength training and endurance training should be used for proper and comprehensive muscle development. 

Meeting these conditions guarantees practicing real bodybuilding, which is one of the few balancing both types of training work for the purpose of harmonious and comprehensive muscle development. The body building system or – in Poland – the bodybuilding system seems today and with the modern state of knowledge one of the most comprehensive training systems in the human body. This may seem strange at first sight of the bodybuilding competition, where there are monstrously constructed, selected, selected competitors – competitors. It is not surprising, however, when we look at the trainings of people who care about their appearance and health at the gyms and fit-ness clubs that we already have. As the awareness of societies grows, the number of these people is constantly growing and exercise in the gym becomes a very important element of a healthy lifestyle. 

It is also enough to look at the methods of conducting classes in centers with well-prepared staff, and few real-life clubs. He trains there not only with heavy loads, on barbells and machines, but also rides on stationary bikes, rowing ergometers, runs and marches on steppers and treadmills. Therefore, you work not only on the strength and methods characteristic of it, but also on endurance. This versatility in the approach to the problem of body shaping is about the size of bodybuilding. Only in this discipline we manage to reconcile diametrically different motor features and effectively use completely different qualities of training types. 

Since such a holistic approach to the development of muscles and the entire human figure is not in any other competitive sport or recreation, it can be safely called bodybuilding “Queen of sports and recreational disciplines. After all, only in this discipline the body is the subject of the player’s actions and only the body is evaluated. It is a subject, not a tool needed only to achieve the goal, as it happens in the case of disciplines that treat the body instrumentally. 

The old principle of holistic training defines the goals of this discipline, that is, answering the earlier question – what for? Whoever does not understand and does not use it and considers himself a bodybuilder, obviously misses the truth. 

Practicing in the gym – if you do it well, you can say training bodybuilding – you do not have to be a champion. You can take care of your own body and maintain it in excellent condition until very old age and it will be your constant goal, answer the question – what for? However, if you have a career and you want to become one, you need to realize that in bodybuilding without appropriate genetic predispositions it will be difficult for you to achieve great successes. But “work does wonders – this is what many doubters have learned, because in bodybuilding the possibilities of covering up or changing the shortcomings of their own body are much greater than in other sports. There is also no need to start training already in kindergarten. Many of the leading players first entered the training room at the age of twenty (and later). There are also few disciplines in which a career can last as long as in bodybuilding. 


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