Boxing way for a great figure? A punching bag, boxing gloves and a huge desire to achieve your own goals. With the help of just these three things you can burn unnecessary fat and strengthen your melee skills.

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Punching bag – the basics

A punching bag is a great complement to your own gym. With his help, you can strengthen the power of the blow, master the basic techniques of melee combat

using blows with hands and kicks, and above all, improve the coordination of movement, increase the endurance and endurance of the body.

Boxing training is extremely exhausting, so based on its principles, you can even create a great plan for losing fat and improving strictly boxing skills. Of course, the plan should also include kicking.

What gives you boxing training?

Boxing training can be divided into two parts. The first part is based on mastering basic techniques, such as driving a punch, moving around in the ring or sparring with a partner. In turn, the second part helps increase the strength of the blow, improve performance and endurance. It is also very important to properly coordinate the movement, which must be at the highest level so that the body is a great tool for fighting.

The boxing bag and HIIT training rules will help you get rid of extra pounds. Below is an example of an anaerobic plan. It is not only effective, because it greatly degrades subcutaneous fat, but also helps maintain muscle mass at a sufficiently high level.

Sample HIIT training

Before starting the workout, you should stock up with boxing gloves and wear loose and comfortable clothing. The training partner can hold the bag during kicks and punches.

Non-trained people can perform 1-2 stations. More advanced people can tailor the program to their own abilities.

One station looks as follows
1. Pumps with dumbbells
60 sec – 10-20 seconds of rest

2. Alternating blows (simple strike technique)
60 sec – 10-20 seconds of rest

3. Alternating kick (low kick)
60 sec – 10-20 seconds of rest

4. Alternating blows (sickle strike technique)

60 sec – 10-20 seconds of rest

5. Fight against the shadow
60 sec – 10-20 seconds of rest

6. Skipping rope
60 sec – 10-20 seconds of rest


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