Saying that there are many brands in dietary supplement market is a bit of understatement. That is why it is worth checking out a brand before buying its products. We want to prepare a series of articles that will talk about specific brands, their origin, products and if they are worth buying!

At first shot – KetoSports

Let us talk about Keto….sis

The name of the brand clearly points out its focus, ketosis! Let us explain to you what that actually means.

In short– Ketosis is a state where the body changes its preferred source of energy from carbohydrates to fats.

In long– The body is gaining energy through the respiration process (thank you, captain obvious). Basic substrates of this process are carbohydrates (through glycolysis, and oxidative decarboxylation, where pyruvate is created in the process). Our main concern is the acetyl-CoA created in that process, which is a basic substrate in the next and most complex step of respiration (and “favorite” process for every person who has biochemistry classes), the Krebs cycle (or Citric acid cycle). In this one, high-energy molecules (NADH, and FADH2) are created. Then, finally, we gain energy from our last step – oxidative phosphorylation.  For the sake of complexity and lots of nuances, we feel obligated to send enthusiasts back to Biochemistry related books for more details.

We didn’t forget our main nemesis – fat. Let ‘s go back to the acetyl-CoA to learn more. This molecule can be formed from the metabolism of:

carbohydrates – our basic metabolic pathway

proteins – or rather amino acids –used only when there are too many in our diet, or in a state of extreme hunger (our bodies use them only “to not be dead”)

fats – are used in time of intense physical effort…or in time of ketosis

When we eat a large amount of fats and very few carbohydrates, our respiration process must find another way of getting into the Krebs cycle. Proteins and amino acids are last resort. So, we are left with using fats (where Acetyl-CoA is gained through a beta-oxidation process – again due to the complexity of that we must send you back to biochemistry books).

Somebody Toucha My Spaghet!

If we want to get into a state of ketosis, we have to go without most of the carbohydrates from our traditional diets. This means – pasta, bread, flakes and oats are forbidden.

So why should you even consider ketosis?

-you want to get more power at training [1]

-you want more control over seizure-related diseases [2]

-you want more intensive nervous system development [3]

-you want better control of blood sugar level [4]

-possibility for life extension [5]

-you want to prevent states of inflammation (especially those in the nervous system) [6]

Now that you know what ketosis is. Here is how KetoSports helps you get there.

KetoSports offers a complete line of ketogenic and low-carb support products, allowing you to experience the benefits of ketosis, even if you are not, or do not plan to be, keto-adapted.

KetoSports strives to be your comprehensive resource for all things low carb and ketogenic. They are pioneers of ketone-based supplementation, brought about by the co-research efforts of SavInd, Inc. and the University of Southern Florida.  They have a strong commitment to bringing the most progressive and effective supplementation to market and are eager to continue innovation in the field.

How can they help? Here are some options:

MCT Powder – a basic ingredient of Bulletproof Coffee (a favorite drink of ketogenic dieters). It is a concentrated source of Medium-Chain-Triglycerides (MCTs), which are the preferred source of energy from fats.

KetoCaNa – an exogenous source of ketones bodies. This supplement will help the body “learn” to use ketones as a preferred energy source, and provide energy during transition or while your body ramps up ketone production. The addition of calcium and sodium – provide important electrolytes. For those not keto at all, this is great as a stimulant-free energy source that provides a quick boost and enhanced mental clarity.

KetoForce – A great answer for people like “I want to supplement ketones but I don’t like powder (KetoCaNa) option or stevia”. Reasons for supplementation are similar to those above except this product has no flavors or sweeteners. It should be mixed with an acidic beverage for use.


A ketogenic diet is a very interesting option (The Ketogenic Diet is not the ultimate answer for every dietary problem of this world, but then no diet is), however proper ketogenic-adaptation, and getting quick shots of energy from fats can be really hard to do. That is where KetoSports supplements come in! These supplements complement active lifestyles both for keto-ers and those who are just looking for a clean fuel!

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