On the first of September, the first bell in schools will be heard, and with it will start the dilemma of thousands of parents – what to prepare for the second breakfast?A meal eaten in a break between lessons plays an important role in feeding school children, the more so because a large number of them in the morning rush does not always eat a wholesome breakfast.Energy expenditure during learning and working at school can be compared to the work of adults, and children who do not eat a wholesome meal, get tired quickly, have reduced efficiency and coordination, have problems concentrating, remembering and, consequently, achieve worse results in learning.


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The second breakfast for a child should be attractive not only in terms of taste, but also ingeniously prepared.If a student gets a regular sandwich every day, there is a risk that he will bring back untouched from school, give it to his friends or throw it away …

Because children react strongly to visual stimuli, they will be encouraged by the form of meals with attractive, varied colors, shapes and textures.Unattractive look of the dish can effectively take away the appetite, so it is worth to pack the meal in plastic containers that perfectly protect the products placed inside.

Colored vegetables cut into bars will cheer up the contents of the breakfast box, and the classic roll can be replaced with a rolled wrap or a pancake filled with jam or peanutbutter.As a green addition to the meal, home-grown sprouts are ideally suited.The child can choose those that prefers broccoli, soy or radishes.


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